‘Did not have to happen’: Pentagon seeks solutions for deadly assault

WASHINGTON, Aug 28 (Reuters) – By Wednesday evening, U.S. intelligence agencies were cessation to sure that an assault became as soon as impending out of doors Kabul airport, triggering a Mutter Division warning to American electorate to leave the enlighten straight.

Honest over 12 hours later, a suicide bomber walked throughout the gargantuan crowds to a gate manned by U.S. troops and detonated explosives, killing no no longer up to 13 U.S. service contributors and 79 Afghans.

It became as soon as a tragic coda to The united states’s 20-year warfare in Afghanistan, a in reality considerable loss of lifestyles for the U.S. militia there in a decade, on the cusp of the tubby withdrawal of troops by Aug. 31 ordered by President Joe Biden.

Among the many most urgent questions as the U.S. militia launches its investigation: How did the bomber make it through Taliban checkpoints? Why were U.S. troops in the form of concentrated predicament as soon as they knew an assault became as soon as impending?

“It became as soon as a failure someplace,” Overall Frank McKenzie, the highest of U.S. Central Voice, told journalists hours after the assault, which became as soon as claimed by Islamic Mutter Khorasan (ISIS-Okay).

But at some level, McKenzie added, troops had no desire but to come attend in contact with folk looking to board evacuation flights, disguise them, pat them down for weapons, and ensure they didn’t make it into the airport in the event that they posed a risk.

U.S. officers, talking on situation of anonymity, acknowledged the stipulations for the assault were enlighten months in advance.

They told Reuters that weeks sooner than the evacuation from Kabul airport began following the Taliban’s takeover of the capital, the militia had been searching for approval to make a selection up at-risk Afghans foreign.

But the slow tempo of processing and incapability to stable housing for the evacuees in third worldwide locations slowed down the tempo of exits, according to the officers, at one level halting all flights from Kabul for six hours.

That meant troops were on the frontlines at the airport gates in the face of chaos out of doors.

“This didn’t have to happen,” a U.S. militia legit told Reuters.

“They didn’t have to die.”


In the maelstrom of criticism aimed at Biden for the dangerous evacuation of every U.S. electorate and Afghans who labored for the Individuals, some pick up questioned his resolution to hand attend Bagram airbase in July, by far the United States’ biggest militia facility in Afghanistan.

Some Republican lawmakers pick up argued that if the depraved had been saved originate, the evacuation would had been extra graceful.

U.S. officers rejected those arguments.

One U.S. defense legit, talking on situation of anonymity, acknowledged it would possibly perchance perchance probably maybe pick up taken an estimated 8,000 U.S. troops to stable Bagram, which seemingly would had been attacked by the Taliban as they swept to energy. Individuals wanting to leave the capital then would pick up confronted a roughly 40-minute drive through Taliban checkpoints.

In the impending hours, the United States will flip its attention to withdrawing the roughly 5,000 troops at Kabul’s airport – and the White Dwelling acknowledged on Friday the following few days is in overall essentially the most unhealthy of the operation.

Islamic Mutter militants pick up shot at airplane already all throughout the evacuation operation, but pick up had little success, according to the officers, who added that rocket attacks and suicide bombings will change into an even elevated risk as the need of U.S. troops dwindles.

The militia is expected to proceed to cruise out evacuees at the same time as they withdraw equipment and troops, although the number is expected to tumble precipitously.

Officers acknowledged the withdrawal became as soon as in particular spirited on fable of of a mixture of security threats along with a humanitarian crisis taking set out of doors the airport.

Now not like many aged militia withdrawals, corresponding to from Iraq in 2011, militant groups had been ready to scheme plans that be conscious a pair of single purpose, the airport, in set of on a desire of U.S. bases.

Army planners are also desperate to steer clear of any repeat of the utter where thousands of desperate Afghans stormed the runway, hoping to make a selection up on a airplane. Quite a lot of died, some falling from airborne craft.

One in every of the U.S. officers acknowledged Biden’s “Saigon” moment, the indecent U.S. evacuation from Vietnam in 1975, would possibly perchance moreover unruffled be to come attend as Afghans out of doors the airport understand the final stages of Washington’s militia withdrawal are underway.


Biden, his say breaking with emotion, vowed on Thursday that the United States would hunt down those accountable for the airport assault, and acknowledged he had ordered the Pentagon to come attend up with plans to strike at the perpetrators. be taught extra

On Friday, the U.S. militia acknowledged it launched a drone strike that it believed had killed an Islamic Mutter assault planner in japanese Afghanistan. be taught extra

But officers pick up cautioned that previous a symbolic act or restricted operation, the United States would possibly perchance moreover in actuality attain little to degrade ISIS-Okay.

“We had been looking to kill the group in Afghanistan since 2014 and couldn’t attain it with thousands of troops on the ground,” the defense legit acknowledged.

Reporting by Idrees Ali; Enhancing by Mary Milliken and Daniel Wallis

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Solutions.

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