Diego Sanchez responds, accuses UFC of bullying him

UFC Hall of Popularity member and winner of the inaugural season of The Last Fighter Diego Sanchez turn into once launched by the UFC and continues to air his grievances with the fight promotion publicly.

The 39-yr susceptible Sanchez turn into once scheduled to face worn teammate Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone within the UFC Vegas 26 co-predominant match on Could maybe maybe moreover 8, however turn into once with out warning removed from the bout by UFC matchmakers and let fling by the group.

Sanchez has launched two lengthy movies from UFC 253 match week in Abu Dhabi from last September. He’s leaked audio of a phone message left for him by UFC Attorney Hunter Campbell. “The Nightmare” currently posted a video to Instagram the set up he replied to being launched by the UFC, gave a timeline of events and accused the company of searching for to bully him.

“I’m right here factual to state some of the important facts,” the Instagram video begins.  “I’ve had a protracted occupation with the UFC and as I’ve fought all these fights, chased this dream of being a UFC champion – I factual in actual fact feel love right here, at the discontinue of the avenue, I knew the discontinue turn into once coming, and I did the full lot in my energy on this preparation for Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. I build quite loads of time and vitality into even getting the fight with Cowboy, getting the fight with one more narrative, and the legacy that is Diego Sandhez combating within the UFC.  On the discontinue of my camp after I turn into once in high salvage, feeling my only, within the sole form, down at American High Team competing with some of the important sole mixed martial artists all across the area, touring and placing within the work, and I did it.  I turn into once ready to compete.  I turn into once ready to fight.  I turn into once 100 percent wholesome.”

 Sanchez then gave his chronicle of when the fight with Cerrone and his space on the UFC roster began to unravel.

“In the last 12 days resulting within the fight, I purchased a text message from Sean Shelby (UFC matchmaker), and it turn into once a message asserting, ‘Diego, that you might maybe well own got to check your email on chronicle of Hunter (Campbell) sent you an email and it’s extraordinarily important that you read this email and reply to this email by the next day or the fight is going to be cancelled,” talked about Sanchez.

“Appropriate away I turn into once love, oh sh.  The fight is going to salvage cancelled.  They’re going to drag the fight.  What invent I invent?  I talked to my other folks and I replied the sole design I could maybe presumably reply to Hunter’s email, and that’s with my attorney’s advice.  With my attorney’s advice, I replied the sole I could maybe presumably.  The UFC wanted me to state that I am no longer experiencing any neurological components and that I in actual fact don’t own any future successfully being side-effects from combating a occupation of 17 years within the UFC.  On the general, my advisors told me, veritably what they’re searching for to invent is, factual sooner than you carry out your last fight, they’re searching for to factual be determined that that they’ve documentation of you asserting that you no doubt no longer sustained something, so veritably you’re being compelled, being bullied into waiving your clinical rights, likely clinical liabilities,” he defined.

Sanchez turn into once paid in fats for the fight even supposing it turn into once cancelled, including sponsorship money and as if he won the bout.

“With that being talked about, the email turn into once sent to Hunter, and the response turn into once very snappy.  And the response turn into once from Hunter, and Sean, and Dana (White), however only Hunter Cambell’s signature turn into once on the letter.  Handiest his title turn into once on the letter, and the letter talked about that they’ve chosen to pay me 100 percent for the fight, the point to money, the defend money, and the sponsorship money because of the me touring and polishing off the practicing camp that I did for this camp.  With that, the fight is to be cancelled.  And why?  The single component that turn into once on the email turn into once, ‘because of the your last loss at Abu Dhabi vs. Jake Matthews.’  No rationalization assorted than that.  So this seems to be love quite loads of bullshit to me,” talked about Sanchez.

Sanchez wondered the UFC’s motivation while admitting that his manage requested all of his clinical records that the UFC has on file. That query is what brought on the email from Campbell.

“Why send me a letter, and email, after I’ve already handed all my medicals?  I’ve had further medicals performed because of the my age.  I had the MRI, the MRA, the EKG, the bodily, the x-rays.  I had all of the imaging performed.  I had all of the neurological that turn into once demanded by the Nevada Teach Athletic Commission and the UFC for me to be cleared to compete,” he talked about.

“If Dana White won’t take hang of my calls now, won’t own a gathering now, once I’m performed and I’m out of the UFC, invent you suspect I’m going with a goal to salvage a defend of any individual?  Catch you suspect something is going to struggle through?  No.  Nothing is going to struggle through.  I’m no doubt no longer going to salvage shit from them.  So yeah, sooner than, at the discontinue of my occupation, me and my supervisor made up our minds now is the time to salvage what we can salvage on chronicle of they’re potentially no longer going to present you shit after you’re launched.”

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