DiGiorno Correct Launched Original Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas

Huge info for of us who require a food blueprint free of gluten and complete of pizza: DiGiorno correct launched gluten-free frozen pizza in four-cheese and pepperoni kinds. The logo says these unique pies are “as scrumptious because the classic DiGiorno hand-tossed crust pizza, sans gluten.” 

The crust is fabricated from a gluten-free dough that uses wheat starch because the significant ingredient in preference to feeble wheat flour. Wheat starch is made by processing the wheat grain to recall away gluten, a protein that folk with celiac illness can no longer tolerate. (Like several foods labeled “gluten-free,” merchandise made with wheat starch must procure lower than 20 substances per million of gluten, per the Meals and Drug Administration. So even supposing gluten-free-labeled wheat starch merchandise would possibly presumably maybe even simply procure a actually hint amount of gluten, they’re in overall regarded as correct for these that can no longer delight in gluten.) The product isn’t any longer wheat-free, even supposing, so it’s no longer earn for of us with a wheat hypersensitive response.

It’s value declaring here that if you’ve tried DiGiorno’s gluten-free pies earlier than and weren’t in particular impressed, this unique crust is a complete overhaul of the logo’s first gluten-free offerings (launched in 2017 and now no longer on hand). These pizzas had an extremely-thin crust, and the dough became primarily made with rice flour, rice starch, and potato starch. 

Other than for the unconventional crust, the unique pizzas are shining feeble. Each pies are topped with tomato sauce and phase-soar mozzarella cheese. The four-cheese flavor substances a combination of three laborious Italian cheeses (Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano), while the pepperoni selection is topped with slices of pepperoni fabricated from a aggregate of pork, chicken, and crimson meat. These cook dinner correct as fast and easy because the distinctive kinds too: Correct pop them within the oven at 450 levels Fahrenheit for 13 to 14 minutes. 

Nutritionwise, each and each flavors delight in an proper bit of protein per serving (1/5 of the pizza). There are 9 grams of protein per serving of the four-cheese and 10 grams within the pepperoni. Pair a few slices with a side salad and/or a cool glass of gluten-free beer, and you’ve obtained a convenient and scrumptious weeknight dinner. 

The timing is maybe no longer more finest, pondering the previous year became substantial for frozen food gross sales within the U.S.—and frozen pizza particularly, in step with Meals Swap Data—as of us burned out on cooking and stocked up on convenience food. The instructed retail observe is $9.99, which is a few dollars larger than most loads of DiGiorno pies nevertheless in step with gluten-free frozen pizzas sold by loads of producers. Select Draw stores will originate carrying the pies foundation this month. The pizzas will additionally be on hand via aim.com (and third-celebration achievement platforms like Instacart) in some areas by the head of the month. More national and regional retailers would possibly be added later in 2021. 


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