Document: Nearly All of Georgia’s Eligible Voters Are Registered to Vote

Nearly 95 percent of Georgia’s eligible voters are registered to vote, based totally mostly on federal records released this week.

The records, compiled by the U.S. Election Support Commission (EAC), reveals a voter registration rate enlarge of 7.5 percent over 2018 and 18.7 percent over 2016. The EAC’s notify estimates nearly about 7.5 million Georgians are eligible to vote and that nearly about 7.2 million of them are actively registered as of the 2020 election.

The notify comes after Georgia took the nationwide spotlight within the months following the 2020 election. The contentious battleground allege flipped blue within the 2020 presidential crawl by a razor-skinny margin of about 12,000 votes, after which two Democrats were narrowly elected to the U.S. Senate in Georgia in a marvelous pair of runoff races in January.

These results — at the side of the allege loosening its balloting rules final yr in accordance with coronavirus — caused well-liked concerns within the Peach Order that alleged voter fraud or reckless election administration had impacted the election.

Gov. Brian Kemp (R) used to be the first governor to address election integrity concerns — that had been swirling in more than one battleground states at the time — by signing an overhaul invoice in March aimed, he acknowledged, at making it “easy to vote and stressful to cheat.”

The invoice, named the Election Integrity Act of 2021, used to be met with a barrage of attacks from Democrats and substantial-name companies within the allege — like Critical League Baseball and Coca-Cola — who broadly accused Kemp of instituting balloting rules that perpetuated perceived voter suppression. The invoice, among its many provisions, tightened the formulation of balloting by absentee ballotand called for redistribution of ballotcontainers based totally mostly on voter registration records.

Georgia’s 95 percent figure within the EAC’s notify, though calculated sooner than the invoice’s signing, is regarded as one of the most absolute best registration rates within the country.

Democrat activist Stacey Abrams, maybe the most prominent claimant of voter suppression since her narrow loss to Kemp in 2018, shared the recent statistic by retweeting her damaged-down marketing campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo, who renowned the amount:

That is proof of the work of so many organizers, canvassers, leaders, thinkers, organizations all the device thru the allege and surely my buddy @nseufot and the crew at @NewGAProject!

But the even greater news is– no person is letting their foot off the gasoline.

— Lauren Groh-Wargo (@gwlauren) August 19, 2021

Abrams, despite the substantial voter registration rate relate, has many cases charged that voter suppression exists in Georgia and based the balloting rights community Magnificent Fight Motion in 2018 after her gubernatorial loss in accordance along with her concerns in regards to the negate. Groh-Wargo serves as the CEO of Magnificent Fight.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution seen that computerized registration at driver’s license offices contributed greatly to the enlarge, as that registration capability produced about 67 percent of the recent voters.

The particular rate, for states all the device thru the board, will likely be decrease as the notify calculated the entire “citizen balloting-age population” based totally mostly off of 2019 see records, which used to be the most in model records on hand for that fragment of the calculation.

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