Does Netflix’s This Is a Theft Resolve a 30-Yr-Old Art work Heist Thriller?

Though he became as soon as only four when Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum became as soon as robbed, director Colin Barnicle has continuously been intrigued by the thriller of the area’s most titillating unsolved art heist. In the early morning hours after St. Patrick’s Day in 1990, two men dressed as cops talked their manner into the Venetian-trend building stuffed with helpful art work, sculptures, tapestries, and ornamental arts. After asserting, “Gentleman, here’s a theft,” the thieves tied up the museum’s two security guards, and spent 81 minutes reducing art work—collectively with works by Rembrandt, Degas, and Manet—out of their frames with out ever tripping an fright. They bought away with 13 pieces then valued at about $200 million.

Thirty-one years and a $10 million reward later, the whereabouts of the art—now worth $500 million—remains unknown. Barnicle hopes laying out the “nuts and bolts” of one of his fatherland’s most infamous crimes in the docuseries This Is A Theft, out on Netflix April 7, “jogs something loose” to at closing restore the missing canvases to the Gardner’s gallery walls.

As sons of mature Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle and Anne Finucane, Barnicle and his brother-cleave-producing accomplice, Slit, grew up listening to relating to the theft, which became as soon as incessantly the matter of conversation at their folk’ dinner events. “It extra or much less became as soon as correct continuously on in the background,” Barnicle these days steered Arrogance Elegant.

In 2015, the director began foregrounding the facts surrounding the theft whereas also producing documentaries about sports and tune, collectively with Billy Joel: Unusual York Say of Mind, which received four native Unusual York Emmy Awards in 2018. He rapid came upon that resulting from its minimal security, the Gardner “became as soon as a identified space to hit.”

Though no forensic proof, like fingerprints or hair, became as soon as serene the night of the burglary, Barnicle doesn’t blame the Boston Police. “This became as soon as the FBI’s case. Right here is on them,” he said. “They didn’t stable the crime scene the manner they have been speculated to.”

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum garden.Courtesy of Netflix.

The investigation into the theft became up a slew of suspects. Security guard Richard Abath’s actions the night of the ruin-in have been suspicious on yarn of he opened and shut the museum’s delivery air door about 15 minutes earlier than the thieves confirmed up. A motion detector also confirmed that he became as soon as the one particular person in the room the rep Manet’s “Chez Tortoni” hung—the lone describe taken from that gallery. Used Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Fisher says in the sequence that the theft couldn’t have took place with out interior recordsdata. Nonetheless he also notes that if he would possibly perchance well need charged someone, he would have.

“It appears like he did something queer,” Barnicle said about Abath opening the door. “He says he did it always. Nonetheless there’s no document of him ever doing it earlier than.” Collected, Barnicle doesn’t deem he took the Manet. (The mature guard declined to be interviewed for the sequence, and only offered written statements in response.)

Quite a lot of assorted unsavory characters—many with mob ties—hovered on the sting of the crime. Convicted art thief Myles Connor Jr.—who had previously stolen Rembrandts from Boston’s Museum of Elegant Arts in 1975—had a solid alibi: he became as soon as in prison on the time of the crime. Collected, mature Boston Herald reporter Tom Mashberg speculates in the display that the stolen loot would possibly perchance well perchance even have been stashed in Connor’s 40-foot trailer and offered off by his prison caretaker William P. Youngworth III. Barnicle disagrees: “I deem Myles became as soon as educated of the crime. Nonetheless he didn’t have something tangible from it, and neither did Youngworth.”

And not using a circulation in the case by 1997, on the FBI’s behest, the Gardner increased its reward from $1 to $5 million (and doubled that in 2017). In 2013, the FBI offered that “participants of a prison group” have been in the serve of the theft—however they aloof hadn’t located the art. The sequence suggests two participants of “made man” Carmelo Merlino’s crew, George Reissfelder and Lenny DiMuzio—both now pointless—have been the police impersonators who made off with masterpieces, collectively with Rembrandt’s 1633 seascape “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” Vermeer’s 1658 portrait “The Concert,” and Govaert Flinck’s 1638 “Panorama With Obelisk.”

“I deem there became as soon as a browsing list for the Rembrandts,” Barnicle said of the crooks, who left in the serve of mighty extra beneficial work. Relatively than lingering in the museum, Barnicle believes the thieves felt trapped after a terminate-by holiday fetch collectively broke up, and guests spilled out into the boulevard. “It seems like [the burglars] had police radios on them and they have been monitoring calls…. There became as soon as a noise grievance known as in…. That it is probably you’ll even be dressed in a cop uniform, however it completely’s aloof gorgeous suspicious whereas you are carrying rolled-up canvases.”

After they “realized they couldn’t roll up the art work, [that] they’d a sizing yelp, they began to raise off some minute issues for themselves…. Items apart from they can put in a pocket or fold up…. They even went for a flat Napoleonic flag”—however only ended up with its worthless finial.

Stephen Kurkjian, an investigative reporter. Courtesy of Netflix.

Stephen Kurkjian, a now retired Boston Globe investigative reporter and the author of Master Thieves: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the World’s Greatest Art work Heist, says in the sequence that a low-degree wise man named Bobby Donati is a truly vital to the crime. Kurkjian thinks he had the art work after the theft. Barnicle said Donati wished the Rembrandts “as a bargaining chip” in case he became as soon as arrested. A year after the ruin-in, Donati’s decapitated body became as soon as found in the trunk of his vehicle. His abolish is unsolved.

In accordance with the FBI, the art work moved from Merlino in Boston to his mob affiliate Robert Guarente—an weak buddy of Donati’s—who had moved to Maine. They yelp he gave the art to Connecticut Mafioso Robert Gentile, who will be allegedly a member of the Philadelphia mob. Though the art work would possibly perchance well perchance even have handed by means of the Metropolis of Brotherly Admire, Barnicle doubts they stayed there. “One share would possibly perchance well need, however no longer your entire canon,” he said. “The Philly mob as soon as stole a Corvette [during] the same time period. And so that they would possibly perchance well no longer sell the Corvette—and that is a vehicle…. I don’t detect what they would be doing with a Rembrandt.”

Knowledge of the art work’ whereabouts would possibly perchance well perchance also now lie with David Turner, the closing final member of the Merlino gang. The convicted felon, who spent 20 years in penal complex for a failed armored-vehicle heist, became as soon as released in 2019—after by some means having seven years shaved off of his sentence. It’s presumed Turner ratted on Gentile, who became as soon as also in penal complex.

In 2012, the FBI raided Gentile’s Connecticut property—replete with helicopters and excavation machinery. The search became up a handgun, some weed—and a Boston Globe story relating to the theft with a share of paper list all the stolen items and their values. Gentile, now 84, became as soon as also released from penal complex in 2019, and denies any recordsdata of the crime.

Relatively than languishing in some far-flung space, Barnicle thinks the art work are terminate to home. “I would be gorgeous nervous if these issues has left the greater Unusual England community of criminals. I deem they’re perchance stashed someplace in someone’s basement, and even placing up on someone’s wall in their hallway. And so that they correct don’t know what it is miles on yarn of it’s a Degas drawing.” And for the document, he says, the FBI is of the same opinion.

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