Drake, J. Prince and Larry Hoover Jr. Meeting Used to be Before Kanye’s Concert Plea

Did Meet J. Prince, Larry Hoover Jr.
… Nevertheless Before Ye’s Plea

11/11/2021 7: 24 AM PT

There’s a fleshy-court press on for Drake and Kanye West to imprint peace, and a key player within the negotiations is raising followers’ hopes with a charming photo … but TMZ’s learned it’s no longer precisely what it appears to be like.

As you know, Ye made a video plea this week — with Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince by his aspect — for Drake to affix him on stage for a concert to beef up releasing Larry Hoover. Drake’s yet to answer, but Wednesday night Larry Hoover Jr. posted pics of himself meeting with Drizzy and J. Prince.

You safe why of us would deem Drake’s sharp nearer to accepting Ye’s offer — and presumably he is — but the photos will no longer be proof of that. That is because LH Jr.’s camp tells TMZ they had been taken about a months ago.

All the very top procedure via the meeting, we’re urged they did take into yarn recommendation from Drake about supporting the movement to safe Larry Hoover released from detention center … but it changed into long before Ye extended his offer for unity.

ICYMI, Ye’s thought is for Drizzy and himself to squash their longstanding feud and approach together onstage in L.A. for a December 7 succor concert in Hoover’s honor.

In the event you are queer … Hoover is the worn head of a well-known gang in Chicago, the Gangster Disciples, who changed into convicted for a assassinate again within the ’70s, and sentenced to 6 lifestyles sentences. Many the truth is feel he’s done adequate time for his crime, and were lobbying for his free up.

Hoover Jr. doubled down on Ye’s video while talking to TMZ this week … imploring Drake to provide the concert.

Love we talked about, it is a fleshy-court press to safe him on board — but up to now, no longer much less than, Drake’s been silent on the subject. Needless to claim, he’s most seemingly soundless reeling from the events at Astroworld, where he performed with Travis Scott — and he’s been named as a defendant in no longer much less than one of the court cases filed after the 8 deaths and a total bunch of accidents.

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