Easiest mattress for side sleepers in 2021

Waking up sore and feeling bask in you have not gotten a correct night’s relaxation? It is potentially time for a new mattress. Luckily, there would possibly be a wealth of alternatives available for somebody looking out for to upgrade their snoozing downside. Even better, you assemble now not even desire to space foot in a store.

Having a gawk online for mattresses is potential diversified than it became as soon as correct a pair of years previously. The upward thrust of a “mattress in a field” has flooded the market, and the choice of online mattress picks you hold now’s ideas-boggling. The wealth of alternatives are an correct thing, on the opposite hand, on tale of it’s also possible to uncover a mattress specially suited to your remark snoozing vogue. And you is liable to be right here finding out this mattress review on tale of you is liable to be a side sleeper and you is liable to be wondering uncover out how to search out the easiest mattress to your sleep wants.

Basically the most efficient mattress for side sleepers offers an very finest steadiness of toughen and softness to your sleep location. That you would possibly desire to help in ideas other elements as successfully, from mattress firmness as to whether it reduces motion transfer (serious while you is liable to be sharing a bed). Additional, if you is liable to be a aggregate sleeper, you would possibly desire a softer mattress that affords rigidity relief and is adaptable in spite of your excellent sleep location.

Nonetheless how perform you kind by your complete mattress alternatives to search out the easiest one? There are correct so many kinds of mattresses, now not to level out extras equivalent to a mattress topper or an adjustable incorrect to your bed. Significantly, who has time to kind whereby mattress company offers the easiest side sleeper mattress? And who has time to sleep on every memory foam mattress, gel memory foam mattress, latex foam mattress, hybrid mattress, innerspring mattress and every little thing in between to resolve which is the final phrase mattress for a remark sleep location?

Me. I in my opinion slept on better than two dozen devices to search out the easiest mattress for side sleepers — listed below are my findings for all of you new-mattress seekers. We change this mattress review record periodically as we test new products.


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I am handsome obvious I morphed into the 😍 emoji as quickly as I noticed the Saatva Basic mattress coming off the truck. It became as soon as thick, it looked plush, and even supposing it is a hybrid mattress bask in any of the others on this record, it didn’t advance in a field (and it came with free white glove provide). I chose the ultra plush mattress option, which is marketed toward side sleepers who need extra contouring, and it became as soon as every little thing I hoped for and further. 

It didn’t hold the cloud-bask in feeling I anticipated — even supposing it fully looked the section — but I’ve come to hold that what I deem I would favor and what my spine if truth be told wants are two diversified issues. The first couple of nights hold been correct OK, but after snoozing on the mattress for a pair of weeks, I fell in admire.

The Saatva mattress combines innerspring mattress coils with high-finish latex mattress foam and cushioning that goes a step above your usual pillow top. It will in all probability in all probability perhaps also be designed with particular lumbar skills and further toughen in the center of the mattresses. This combo retains your spinal alignment correct correct while you is liable to be snoozing on your side so that it’s also possible to rating up grief-free. I’ve been going by some neck, hip and ankle grief and it is nearly long past after snoozing on this mattress on a typical basis.

Each and every mattress is made to account for, which I believed became as soon as if truth be told chilly. The Saatva mattress company helps you to in deciding from three firmness stage alternatives — ultra plush, luxury firm and firm — and two diversified mattress heights — 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. I went with the 14.5-crawl Saatva mattress and whereas I if truth be told bask in the further height, it is taller than I anticipated. The sheets I had stored popping off the corners of the Saatva mattress, so I had to protect shut a new space specifically designed for deep mattresses, so help that in ideas if you walk along with the thicker mattress form option.

The Saatva Basic is available in sizes twin XL to separate California king and costs differ from $877 to $1,974.

Lindsay Boyers/CNET

The Layla Hybrid mattress is the easiest flippable mattress form on this record, and if truth be told regarded as a number of the easiest flippable hybrid mattress alternatives available. Nonetheless it is miles now not correct flippable so that it’s also possible to circulation it around and destroy it in evenly. It if truth be told combines two diversified mattresses in a single. One side is soft and the opposite is firm, the excellent aggregate sleeper solution for you if you would possibly now not assemble up your ideas about what mattress firmness stage you want in a new mattress.

The soft mattress side, which is rated a four out of 10 on the firmness stage scale, has a luxurious feel that hugs and contours your physique at all of your rigidity parts. The less assailable mattress side, rated a seven out of 10, offers extra toughen with less sink to help your spine aligned as you snooze. Both the soft mattress side and firm mattress side are equally gigantic for a side snoozing location.

On days that I felt sore and anxious, the soft mattress side had simply satisfactory give to alleviate rigidity on my shoulders and hips, but mild supplied the toughen I wanted so I didn’t rating up in grief. On the days where I felt bask in I wanted a chunk extra toughen, the firm mattress side propped me correct up. 

As for mattress building, the Layla’s mattress fabric makes it an correct hybrid mattress, combining layers of memory foam with for my section wrapped pocketed coils. The foam layer can also be infused with copper, which attracts warmth away out of your physique as you sleep. I are inclined to sleep chilly anyway, but it is miles a big feature for a hot sleeper who will get a chunk sweaty at night, especially since memory foam is notorious for trapping warmth.

The Layla Hybrid mattress is available in twin to California king and costs differ from $1,299 to $1,899.


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Lindsay Boyers/CNET

The megastar of the Tuft and Needle Hybrid is an adaptive memory foam that alleviates rigidity out of your shoulders and hips by expertly contouring your physique and hugging you to your complete correct places. To assemble issues even extra happy, T&N combines that memory foam with for my section wrapped steel coils and ceramic gel, so apart from to softness, you furthermore mght rating the final phrase amount of toughen so that you just assemble now not feel bask in you is liable to be sinking. And it if truth be told works. 

The mattress became as soon as soft satisfactory to buy the rigidity off my shoulders and hips, but I didn’t feel bask in the center of my spine became as soon as sagging. I wakened grief-free and, after a chunk stretching, my physique felt nimble and willing to head. This mattress also has graphite, gel beads and open air channels that work collectively to wick away moisture and toughen air float, so it stored me good and chilly. 

The single plan back is that it looked as if it would possibly well hold extra jump than others. Whereas there would possibly be no squeakiness bask in with a mature spring mattress, the motion transfer from my boyfriend tossing and turning became as soon as satisfactory to wake me up in the center of the night. This is why I like to recommend it for those of you who sleep on my own.

The Tuft and Needle Hybrid is available in twin to California king and costs differ from $995 to $1,845.

Lindsay Boyers/CNET

Once I received on the Pink Hybrid Premier 4 and rolled over to my side, my first belief became as soon as: this feels unfamiliar. The grid skills, which is extraordinary to Pink, is indubitably diversified from the rest I’ve tried and I felt bask in the mattress became as soon as attempting to drive me ahead onto my abdominal.

Nonetheless after a pair of nights on the mattress, I received aged to it and the Pink mattress rapid modified into regarded as one of my favorites. The grid is designed with hundreds open air channels, so it is in a position to utterly adapt to your physique, contouring your shape perfectly. The finish result is a zero gravity feel that in truth takes the rigidity off your hips and shoulders and feels remarkably soft and happy.

The Pink also looked as if it would possibly well provide better motion isolation than every other on the record, so this mattress form is a big option if you sleep with somebody else who tosses and turns.

The Pink Hybrid Premier 4 is available in sizes twin XL to separate king and costs differ from $1,999 to $3,998.

Read our Pink Hybrid Premier 4 review.


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Lindsay Boyers/CNET

In the event you is liable to be extra of a largely side sleeper who tosses and turns and as soon as in a while ends up on your lend a hand, as one more of a heavier sleeper who tends to protect build, then the Leesa Story is for you. With two layers of springs and two layers of if truth be told fair correct memory foam, the mattress became as soon as designed to originate the final phrase amount of comfort and toughen for any snoozing location, whether you is liable to be a side sleeper or abdominal sleeper.

I became as soon as especially impressed with the threshold-to-edge toughen. Even when I chanced on myself teetering on the very fringe of the bed, an crawl far flung from rolling onto the bottom, I felt safe and supported. The motion isolation became as soon as one more regarded as one of my favourite issues referring to the Leesa mattress. This memory foam mattress held as much as a pair of serious tossing and turning, staying relatively mild the total time. 

The Leesa also had the most high-finish gawk and feel, other than the Saatva. Actual by looking out at it, it’s also possible to voice that it is a high-quality mattress that became as soon as built with comfort and sturdiness in ideas.

The Leesa Story is available in sizes twin XL to California king and costs differ from $1,799 to $2,599.

Lindsay Boyers/CNET

The Helix Center of the night Luxe is largely regarded as a number of the easiest mattresses for side sleepers, but I believed it became as soon as a terribly gigantic mattress for any form of snoozing location. Its mattress form is technically categorized as a medium firm mattress by Helix, but it is soft satisfactory that it has some give to your hips and shoulders so that you just assemble now not rating up in grief or with tingling fingers and hands, bask in you would possibly with less assailable mattresses.

Cherish most hybrid mattresses, the Helix mattress is fabricated from diversified foam and gel layers combined with innerspring mattress coils, but it is done off with a pillow top comfort layer that in truth offers it an edge over its competition.

On tale of it is happy in any snoozing location, it would possibly also be a big option for couples with diversified snoozing location kinds. Whether or now not you sleep on your side or your lend a hand, the Helix adjusts to you and helps you in all of the final phrase places.

The Helix Center of the night Luxe is available in sizes twin to California king and costs differ from $995 to $2,249.

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Incessantly Requested Questions

What form of mattress is easiest for side sleepers?

Memory foam is belief of as a number of the easiest kinds of mattresses for side sleepers. It contours to your physique shape, relieving rigidity parts and retaining your spine aligned while you is liable to be lying on your side. Memory foam also disperses weight evenly, which helps decrease aches and be troubled that can invent from other, repeatedly less assailable, kinds of mattresses. Hybrid mattresses with now not lower than one memory foam layer are one more gigantic option.

Create side sleepers desire a firm or soft mattress?

There is now not a single correct blueprint to this quiz, but in usual, side sleepers are inclined to spend a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress. Mattresses on this differ hold satisfactory give to alleviate rigidity in the shoulders, hips and knees while you is liable to be snoozing on your side, but also buy their shape to help your spinal alignment so that you just assemble now not rating up in grief.

Are firm mattresses pass for side sleepers?

Firm mattresses don’t appear to be necessarily pass for side sleepers, but if your mattress firmness is simply too laborious, it couldn’t hold satisfactory give and cushioning to your rigidity parts. This would possibly occasionally even disrupt your sleep and cause grief and even numbness and tingling to your extremities. In the waste, plenty comes the total formula down to deepest desire and the scheme you is liable to be feeling on the mattresses, but most side sleepers perform easiest with medium-firm or softer alternatives.

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