Ed Sheeran Talked about He Performs This Prank On Courteney Cox Every Time He Stays At Her House

“She loves track; she’s jamming the total time.”

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Sheeran explained how they met all through a fresh look on The Gradual Gradual Expose With James Corden and talked about that he used to be invited to Cox’s rental for the well-known time by a mutual friend.

Todd Williamson

“She loves track; she’s jamming the total time,” he talked about. “She picked up the guitar. However she used to be fancy, ‘Anytime you ought to protect, let me know.’”

“And then literally every single time I’ve been abet to Los Angeles since then, I’ve stayed there,” Sheeran explained.

The two salvage alongside so effectively that Sheeran talked about he as soon as pulled a NSFW prank on Cox.

“She has this Alexa thing in her rental, and she goes, ‘Oh, here is improbable; here is my Alexa. I will real explain whatever on this,” he shared. “So she walks out of the room and…enact what a gimp disguise is? You know, fancy, an S&M leather gimp disguise.”

“So she walks out of the room, and I dash, ‘Alexa, explain me a gimp disguise.’ And it goes, ‘OK, Courteney!’” he laughed.

Sheeran explained that Cox’s assistant found the kit when it arrived.

“She opened the post and finds this disguise and right this moment goes, ‘I don’t judge I was meant to stare that,’” he laughed. “[So] she leaves it on Courteney’s mattress, and Courteney comes up and she goes, ‘The place aside did this attain from?’”

“She discovered the narrative, and now on every occasion I return there I explain one other gimp disguise,” he persisted. “She has perchance 12. I cloak them in folk’s bedrooms. They’ll dash in a drawer and in discovering this leather S&M disguise.”

Sheeran talked about he also took the prank a step extra and place the masks in a extraordinarily public field for all to stare.

“She had two folk attain stare at her piano to attain and hold it, two absolute strangers attain into her rental that I discovered about,” he recalled. “So I left a few masks on the piano.”

Sheeran is slightly the prankster. He and Cox actually luxuriate in an beautiful friendship.

Todd Williamson

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