Elon Musk’s ‘Tesla Bot’ Is a Shitpost

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Leisurely Thursday evening, Tesla CEO Elon Musk added a brand unique moonshot project to his ever-rising list: a humanoid robot, with a prototype by subsequent year.

Presented at a presentation at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory, Musk failed to provide a working robot and even a substantive presentation explaining how it might perchance possibly most likely most likely win there. As a replacement, a human dressed in a vaguely machine-cherish bodysuit appeared. They pantomimed a machine’s movements sooner than breaking into dance on stage. The no longer-a-robot danced cherish a 1920s flapper to Skrillex sooner than Elon within the reduction of the tune. 

In assorted words, it was a shitpost. 

“It be intended to be friendly, pointless to issue, and navigate by a world of humans, and win rid of unhealthy, repetitive and dumb tasks,” Musk told attendees of the deliberate robot. The CEO additionally warned that the prototype “potentially won’t work.”  Judging by Musk’s outdated guarantees and predictions, it might perchance possibly most likely most likely no longer exist the least bit.

In 2019, Musk promised we’d possess a million self reliant “robotaxis” riding around sooner or later in 2020. In 2016, Elon Musk promised that by 2018 you would have the option to summon an self reliant car “wherever linked by land & no longer blocked by borders” comparable to summon an NYC car to LA. Obviously, none of that came about. 

There’s Cybertruck, pointless to issue, which Musk promised might perchance possibly well most likely tow 14,000 pounds, was bulletproof, and would delivery being delivered in 2021. It hasn’t but been sold to the general public and had its window shattered all over an indication of its bulletproof glass. We will have the option to additionally take a look on the Dumb Firm, which made headlines by promoting flamethrowers within the title of solving gridlock but has but to plot higher than colorfully-lit tunnels for autos to slowly force by in single file

All of this raises the request of why we continue taking Musk’s trollish pronouncements severely, whilst they win more and more a ways-fetched. No matter the motive, be it his cult of persona or merely his mammoth wealth, Musk knows what he’s doing. For the interval of proceedings in a court docket case defending Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, Musk admitted that he pulls stunts cherish proclaiming himself “Technoking” of Tesla because memes are marketing.

“If we are moving, then other folks will write experiences about us, after which we don’t must pay money for promoting that might perchance possibly well most likely expand the mark of our products,” Musk talked about. 

It be conceivable that a Tesla robot will sooner or later exist in some build. Finally, delivery robots that ferry around groceries and the cherish already exist, they dependable build no longer look cherish the humanoid sci-fi fever dream that Musk place on show and admitted might perchance possibly well most likely no longer work. 


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