Emily Alyn Lind Beneath no conditions Opinion About Being Notorious—Then, Gossip Girl Happened

Emily Alyn Lind is handiest 19 years worn, but on the phone she sounds realizing past her years. That will not be staunch on yarn of of her low, husky narrate or the fact she’s been working in Hollywood since 2008.  (Her mom, Barbara Alyn Woods, is an actor herself, supreme identified for taking part in Deb Scott on One Tree Hill.) True thru our 30-minute conversation, she dropped several perils of recordsdata, issues I wished I would’ve identified at 19. It be this is why I’m confident she’ll navigate her newfound reputation effectively. She is, too. 

You peek, Lind is surely one of many stars of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl, a shining novel reimagining of the mid- aughts traditional with utterly different characters, storylines, every thing. (Effectively, not every thing: Kristen Bell is assist as the narrate of Gossip Girl, handiest this time she’s an Instagram yarn.) Lind plays Audrey Hope, a member of Constance Billard’s elite who’s embroiled in a love triangle along with her boyfriend, Aki (Evan Mock) and friend, Max (Thomas Doherty). Gossip Girl 2.0 has been the debate of the online for a year now, and the chatter has handiest intensified since its July 8 premiere. Nonetheless Lind is coping with this scrutiny love a reliable. 

“I’m an excellent deal an introvert,” she tells me. “I’m very social, but I preserve dwelling plenty. I’m not in fact into that stuff: the parties and the glitz and the glam. I have been seeing it since I used to be as soon as little.”

“I can navigate that stuff, staunch on yarn of I’ve constantly been the equal individual thru thick and skinny,” she provides. Sure, right here’s a 19-year-worn shedding these truths. Nineteen! 

Nonetheless she calm lets herself be a little one. Lind self-describes her snacks of different on the GG space as toddler-love, and she’s not above watching silly videos on YouTube to jog the time. (That is one thing I enact, too…on the ripe worn age of 28.) She opens up about this and additional in Glamour‘s most modern installment of Fresh Right here. Learn on. 

The purpose out is somehow out! How are you feeling? 

Emily Alyn Lind: It be immense. I’m in fact jubilant with the response. I deem the followers are in fact into it, especially, love, Twitter followers, as a minimum what followers are telling me. The first episode is staunch the pilot, ? So there would possibly be plenty extra to train. 

 What has been the most fine thing about the response?

I produce not know. I haven’t had expectations for anything I’ve performed since I used to be as soon as a little lady. What I’ve realized is to never rep any expectations, so you produce not rep let down. That is mainly helped me. So every time anyone likes anything I enact, that’s constantly fine to me, staunch on yarn of I space myself up love that. 


Must you learned out you were allotment of a reimagining of Gossip Girl, what did you specialize in dipping into an iconic franchise?

The fact it was as soon as a continuation was as soon as what made me staunch to wish to be a allotment of it. I produce not deem sufficient time has passed, nor would possibly perchance perchance moreover calm anyone ever try to recreate the usual. It was as soon as iconic for thus many reasons. I produce not deem anyone would possibly perchance perchance step in the shoes of a Blair or a Serena. Nonetheless right here’s 10 years later, and we have created fully novel characters.

What was as soon as your relationship to Gossip Girl ahead of getting enthusiastic with this novel point out? 

I watched the point out a prolonged time in the past, after I used to be as soon as younger, and I did not wish to rewatch it staunch ahead of on yarn of I did not wish to know stuff from the usual characters. I did not wish to connect apart that in my thoughts. I needed to try to reimagine these characters. Nonetheless now I’m beginning to belief it some other time, staunch on yarn of I in fact feel love I rep my persona space. 

Rising up, did you rep an realizing of what it intended to be a a hit actor? Has that changed?

After I used to be as soon as younger, I in fact wished to enact this. Very early on, I undergo in thoughts being very decided about what my direction was as soon as. I love the phrase “a hit actor,” on yarn of it was as soon as never about reputation. As a a hit actor, you are prepared to work and enact what you love and also provide to your household. I never wished to be eminent. It was as soon as never about that. It was as soon as constantly about doing quality work. 

Attain you rep particular rituals for auditions? 

I love taping for stuff. I produce not in fact love going into audition rooms if I produce not must. I used to be as soon as constantly someone that after folks met me, I constantly looked older than my years, so that they’d recall I would not be ready to play a persona my age. So I love taping my auditions [to prevent those assumptions]. I rep a pair explicit shirts I constantly select to wear on yarn of I felt love I would wear them, and I constantly bought the role if I wore them. My jog-to food ahead of auditions is avocado rolls and Kombucha or coconut water. I constantly eat and drink that ahead of auditions. 

What about your on-space snacks of different? Are they the equal? 

I rep such explicit food tastes. I love coconut water, but I also love juice. I constantly rep my orange juice, apple juice, mango juice. Avocado rolls. Cucumber rolls. I’m fascinated about any develop of rice. I actually eat love a little one typically; I eat applesauce packets. I love the Dole fruit cups, too. And breakfast bars! 

Is there an outfit you rep cherished wearing on space? 

In episode two, which that you would possibly peek, I rep this, love, dusky prolonged, shining costume on. There would possibly be a little cutout on the front. It be so lovable. 

Is your non-public sort a similar to Audrey’s?

It be in fact utterly different. I love being at ease, but after I’m in fact going to live life, which I haven’t in fact for the explanation that pandemic, I select for vintage blended with off-the-rack. I have been working with Gucci nowadays, and they’ve a in point of fact worn-college ‘70s vibe staunch now, which I’ve been into. 

What were a pair of of your authorized moments on space? 

One time, me and the girls, separately, ended up randomly going into [my costar] Savannah Lee Smith’s dressing room. I produce not know what came about, but we sat down, and Savannah was as soon as eating cereal in the midst of the day in total darkness. She was as soon as eating cereal and watching YouTube on the TV, so all of us staunch started watching this video about utterly different styles of vaginas. After which they got right here in to rep us, and the PAs were love, “Okayyyyy.”  

If there was as soon as a superlative your costars would possibly perchance perchance give you, what would it be?

Most empathetic.

What’s the finest lesson you rep realized thru engaged on Gossip Girl? 

I’ve realized work thru in fact laborious times. Obviously, so has all americans this past year. For thus prolonged as I have been doing this, the film alternate has constantly been semi the equal, staunch? After which COVID hit, and all americans’s to this point faraway from every utterly different on yarn of of social pointers. Also, there would possibly be many of folks online who boom bad issues, and  finding out —especially on this point out, on yarn of or not it’s the kind of success—boom “fuck off.”  Obviously, hear to the followers, but some folks are staunch assholes, and or not it is mandatory to know what they boom with a grain of salt. Especially with reboots and continuations. 

You talked about reputation was as soon as never your goal, but this point out will indubitably give you a better platform. Is there a motive or plot back it’s good to to bring consideration to? 

I’m serious about making an try to assist poetry and writing and creativity for young folks. I in fact love the premise of artwork remedy. All of the information I’ve heard about public colleges making an try to diminish down on artwork features has made me so indignant. For thus many young folks, or not it’s what makes them who they are. If I did not rep the arts accessible to me as a little one, I would not be who I’m. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for readability. 

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