Enraged Birds Slingshot Reports returns for Season 2 next week

Rovio has introduced this is also bringing relief the Enraged Birds Slingshot Reports webseries on its legitimate YouTube channel on 19th June. The unique season will premiere a brand unique episode every week on the channel.

Slingshot Reports is a webseries that reveals the lives of the long-lasting Enraged Birds characters in the aid of the scenes of the games. The unique season will feature 30 episodes with this premise, and is produced by Rovio alongside India-essentially based mostly animation studio Cosmos-Maya.

“We pitched the basis to Rovio to attain the 2nd season of the Enraged Birds Slingshot Reports,” says Cosmos-Maya’s Anish Mehta. “The versatile episodes of the series, to boot as gorgeous verbal change and toughen throughout the manufacturing made it a mountainous working abilities for our studio and allowed our CG animators and artists to raise the benchmark of quality from the old season. We preserve up for a persisted partnership and growing more difficult allege material that brings about remarkable wished smiles, specifically in the latest occasions.”

Enraged Birds Slingshot Reports had a first season that launched with ten episodes and has reached a total of 22 million views up to now. Fan feedback directed at Rovio has led to the 2nd season being commissioned with 30 episodes for the 2nd season.

“The first season of Enraged Birds Slingshot Reports has been very successful when it comes to views and watchtime so naturally we wished to attain more episodes for our followers,” says Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala from Rovio. “Season two promises some comic moments and references that long-time Enraged Birds followers will steal up, nonetheless the series is plump of stress-free and lighthearted humor that anyone can revel in.”

Enraged Birds Slingshot Reports will premiere on Rovio’s YouTube channel on 19th June.

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