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Enter the BIOS on Your Windows 11 PC

BIOS screen on a Lenovo workstation

Gaining access to the BIOS for your Windows 11 PC enable you to unravel a diversity of complications or wait on you alter low-level settings. There are more than one ways you may perhaps well perhaps enter BIOS, and we’ll discover you exercise all of them.

Indicate: On most modern computers, you essentially bear UEFI in plight of BIOS. It’s developed low-level diagram that affords more ideas than outmoded BIOS. However, many folks unexcited consult with it as BIOS, so that’s the duration of time we’re utilizing here.

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Enter Windows 11’s BIOS by Urgent a Key

A easy blueprint to enter BIOS for your Windows 11 PC is to exercise a key for your keyboard while powering on the computer. The excellent thing about this kind is that you just may perhaps well perhaps exercise this even when your Windows OS doesn’t load.

To exercise this kind, you are going to deserve to search out the most important that lets you enter BIOS for your explicit computer. This key varies by manufacturer. When you originate your computer, on the main splash camouflage that opens (usually exhibiting the manufacturer’s logo), you could behold a message telling you which of them key you may perhaps press to enter BIOS.

On most computers, this secret is F2, but you could overview for your computer’s splash camouflage to confirm.

Enter the BIOS on Windows 11 From Settings

When you may perhaps well perhaps’t receive the keyboard key to enter BIOS, otherwise you plan shut utilizing graphical ideas, exercise Windows 11’s Settings app to enter BIOS.

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To carry out so, first, begin the Settings app for your PC. Attain this by pressing Windows+i keys on the identical time.

In Settings, from the left sidebar, steal out “System.”


On the “System” page, click “Recovery.”


In the “Recovery” menu, next to “Developed Startup,” click “Restart Now.”


You are going to behold a “We’ll Restart Your Tool So Set up Your Work” recommended. In this recommended, click “Restart Now” to restart your PC.

Warning: Develop obvious you attach any unsaved work earlier than restarting your PC.


You are going to now behold a “Seize an Possibility” camouflage. From here, head into Troubleshoot > Developed Suggestions > UEFI Firmware Settings and click “Restart.”

And you may perhaps well perhaps even be for your PC’s BIOS mode. In this mode, you may perhaps well perhaps configure various ideas, love changing your startup disk.

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Enter Windows 11’s BIOS The utilization of Windows Terminal

To exercise a characterize besides your PC in BIOS, exercise both PowerShell or Exclaim Suggested utility for your PC.

First, originate the “Commence up” menu and learn “Windows Terminal”. Click on the app within the search results.


In Windows Terminal, style the following characterize and press Enter. This characterize works in each PowerShell and Exclaim Suggested shells, so that you just may perhaps well perhaps exercise both.

shutdown /r /o /f /t 00

Boot in BIOS mode with a command in Windows Terminal.

On the “Seize an Possibility” camouflage that opens, navigate to Troubleshoot > Developed Suggestions > UEFI Firmware Settings, and click “Restart.” Your PC will then enter BIOS.

You’re all plan.

Did you already know you may perhaps well perhaps overview and even replace your BIOS version?

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