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The EU has the energy to complete these abusive practices.

European Citizen’s Initiative

Biometric records are bits of info which will most seemingly be contemporary to our our bodies and behaviours, which uncover restful records about who we are. To illustrate, our faces might per chance also be vulnerable for facial recognition to arrangement a prediction or evaluate about us – and so can our eyes, veins, voices, the manner we stroll or form on a keyboard, and loads more.

Governments, police forces and companies exercise recording devices (address CCTV cameras) and facial recognition tool to safe our biometric records. This implies they are able to song us from one location to but another the exercise of our contemporary traits to completely title every of us. This blanket capture of everybody’s biometric records in public areas address streets, parks, declare stations, outlets or sports actions venues merely for searching to stay our lives is biometric mass surveillance. It treats us all as walking barcodes.

Must calm an employer exercise your facial expressions to come to a name whenever you happen to’re match for a job?

We are searching to be handled by our employer based fully on our work, no longer our face or physique.

Must calm the police establish you on a list of suspicious of us based fully on the manner you stroll?

We decide the police to address us with decency and admire, no longer as felony suspects.

Must calm a store most efficient showcase you merchandise based fully on their assumption of your gender or ethnicity?

We are searching to bask in bask in preference over what we purchase, no longer be manipulated or discriminated against by mammoth businesses.

Must calm a health facility refuse to can will let you talk over with a relative on story of you went to a protest for these that were younger?

We are searching so to talk freely and file injustice, no longer to self-censor on story of we are constantly watched.

Must calm a university declare you a location to your favourite course thanks to the of us you meet up with?

We are searching to rob our education freely, no topic the establish we come from or who our chums are.

Must calm your automobile insurance arrangement bigger your top price thanks to the manner you costume?

We are searching to bask in alter over our records, no longer to be exploited by companies abusing our identities to arrangement cash.

The future bask in to be ours to form. Our lives bask in to be ours to come to a name.

We bask in seen it already

Cambridge Analytica suppressing voters in the UK and US. Quiet protesters and college students monitored with unlawful police drones in France. Commuters handled as suspects in Germany. Political opponents attacked and silenced in Honk Kong. Folks of coloration traumatically falsely arrested in the US. It’s long previous too a ways already – nonetheless we are able to ascertain a conclude to it now.

As soon as you’re watched and categorised address this, your future might per chance also be made up our minds for you

This might dictate the adverts that it is seemingly you’ll per chance you seek or no longer seek on a “tremendous” billboard. It’s seemingly you’ll per chance additionally very effectively be notion of a wretchedness-maker in the eyes (and the reliable glance-lists) of the police. The manner you costume, glance or act this day, the locations you lunge to and the of us you affiliate with, might per chance per chance turn out to be a barrier for employment, education or bolt tomorrow. Your future freedom might per chance also be taken away merely for being who you’re.

A ban on biometric mass surveillance is the ideal resolution for a future the establish our selections are made by us, no longer by algorithms.

Who’s asserting what about biometric mass surveillance?

  • “We’re going to have the opportunity to fetch up in some unspecified time in the future and fetch that the phobia of mass surveillance is remarkable more severe than any fear we now bask in ever seen.”

    – RYF supporter

  • “I are searching so to toddle the streets […] with out anguish of surveillance that might per chance perchance arrangement Stalin jealous”

    – RYF supporter

  • “Revolutions that we now bask in seen all over the realm nowa days from Tiananmen Square to the Arab Spring shouldn’t were seemingly with biometric mass surveillance of the final public establish”

    – MEP Karen Melchior, Renew

  • “Millions are given to deepest facial recognition companies to fabricate their tech with public cash with out any democratic debate or consideration for frequent americans rights”

    – RYF supporter

  • “As a tool developer […] I seek the factitious is no longer going to lift an eye on itself.”

    – RYF supporter

  • “I in point of truth feel guilty as a citizen to act.”

    – RYF supporter

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