Every possible name for the Washington Soccer Team, ranked

The Washington Soccer Team is inching nearer to finalizing its permanent name with a video released on Monday exhibiting eight that it’s possible you’ll maybe maybe maybe also contain names. The crew has talked about three of these names are finalists, from which the ideal name has been chosen, nevertheless has now not but published which names the ideal likelihood is between.

Obviously it’s too slack for us to persuade the likelihood, nevertheless now now we have a ideal eight the very least we are in a position to enact is immoral these prospective names.

No. 1: Washington Soccer Team

If it ain’t broke, don’t repair it. I do know we all made fun of “Washington Soccer Team” when it used to be first equipped, nevertheless at this level it’s model of grown on me. It makes WFT stand out from the comfort of the league. Also, by no methodology rule out the importance of having a deprecating variant on a crew name constructed it. We have the ‘Aints, baseball has the Barves, WFT so with out anguish turns into WTF that it’s a rallying shout for upset fans to possess around.

This name began so tiresome, nevertheless now I fancy it. There’s one thing model of regal and important about calling your football crew “Soccer Team.” Preserve this name, imo.

No. 2: Washington Armada

We enact now not have enough nautical crew names within the NFL. It’s additionally evocative of one of the most iconic second in George Washington’s life: Crossing the Delaware. Now, I do know Gen. Washington didn’t precisely have an “armada” at the time, nevertheless I soundless model of be pleased this.

I don’t resolve on the imagery to be that of some current, ideal warships — nevertheless celebrating the root of miniature, Revolutionary Battle-period boats by some skill maybe maybe adding up to being bigger than a sum of their aspects.

We additionally don’t have a single crew name within the NFL that begins with an “A,” and I contain that’s a clean miniature touch too.

No. 3: Washington Commanders

It’s one more exquisite evident reference to President Washington, and I don’t hate it. This doesn’t undoubtedly evoke remarkable emotion from me — nevertheless I don’t hate it both. Here is the completely resplendent middle-ground nickname that no one would be pleased, or hate.

No. 4: Washington Brigade

Presumably I’m overthinking this a miniature, nevertheless I’m factual now not keen on without extend evoking precise troopers relatively this remarkable in a crew name. I factual contain a extra nebulous thought for a crew is better than without extend comparing football avid gamers to members of the protection power who give protection to our country.

I imprint the root is to contain the Revolutionary Battle, nevertheless right here’s a miniature too terminate to phrases that exist in for the time being protection power vernacular.

No. 5: Washington Defenders

There is already an XFL crew called the D.C. Defenders. What are you doing toddler? Whenever you occur to’re taking cues from the XFL you’re in danger.

No. 6 and 7 (tied): Washington Redwolves and Washington Redhogs

These are the absolute cop out names that sound fancy your racist uncle came up with them on Facebook. There is NOTHING negative with “Washington Wolves” or “Washington Hogs” nevertheless by throwing “Crimson” on the front it’s almost fancy thumbing your nose at all the pieces that occurred over the closing twenty years and telling people “we had been MADE to enact this, we didn’t undoubtedly would undoubtedly like to.”

I mean, sure, that’s correct. After all, the crew fought tooth and nail to learn their racist nickname till sponsors began to drag money, then they magically chanced on a acutely aware overnight, nevertheless we soundless don’t have to mention it any other time.

No. 8: Washington Presidents


Factual kidding. Anyway, this name entirely sucks. On the very easiest you’re saddling yourself with a repute 50 p.c of the inhabitants hates at any given time, and God allow you if there’s one more maniac within the White Dwelling. Hasty your crew is without extend tied to whoever is within the oval situation of enterprise, and that’s factual a infamous respect.

I don’t know who belief this name have to be on the ideal checklist of eight, to be precise.

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