Every Xbox Series X sport that supports ray tracing

Ray tracing is one in all essentially the most thrilling new capabilities of the Xbox Series X. Dropped at market by Nvidia’s RTX vary of graphics cards, ray tracing provides a new level of depth and realism to video games. Quite than using predetermined lights aspects or shadow maps, ray tracing follows every simulated photon of light, rendering reflections, shadows, and lights overall in a more lawful-to-life method.

The mission is that ray tracing is amazingly worrying, so now not every sport supports it. Worse, some video games that on the initiating marketed ray tracing don’t make stronger it now. We did the digging so you don’t possess to, compiling a list of every Xbox Series X sport that supports ray tracing. Thanks to the combo-americain marketing, our list is targeted on released video games simplest. It’s going to grow very much as the console generation matures.

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Call of Responsibility: Shaded Ops Chilly War

Two soldiers in a burning building.

Call of Responsibility: Shaded Ops Chilly War aspects ray-traced shadows on Xbox Series X. Regardless that reflections are more uncomplicated to enviornment, ray traced shadows attain loads to bring a scene to life over veteran rasterized shadows. Shaded Ops Chilly War continues the fable of the genuine Shaded Ops sport. You play as a highly undoubtedly skilled operative sent on a shaded operation to neutralize a Soviet witness on the behest of Ronald Reagan.

Call of the Sea

A shack built on a tropical island.

One of essentially the most disregarded video games of 2020, Call of the Sea is a delicious, aesthetic adventure/puzzle about exploring an island. We’ll leave the story description at that (Call of the Sea undoubtedly has an very honest accurate fable, and we’d hate to destroy it). The Xbox console outlandish supports ray tracing on Series X consoles, making the lovely, pseudo-practical island behold even prettier.

Place an eye on Final Model

A soldier in a colorful construction area.

Place an eye on Final Model, which incorporates the next-gen model of Place an eye on along with the overall DLC, supports ray-traced shadows and reflections on Xbox Series X. The sport has two graphical modes, one without ray tracing that runs at 60 fps (frames per 2nd), and but every other with ray tracing that runs at 30 fps. Place an eye on comes from Clear up Entertainment (Alan Wake, Quantum Demolish), and admire the studio’s previous video games, it’s a excessive-octane action sport with an participating, if unsettling, tale.

Devil Could possibly well also merely Bawl 5: Special Model

Virgil performing a judgement cut.

Before every thing, Capcom provided that Devil Could possibly well also merely Bawl 5: Special Model would now not characteristic ray tracing at launch on Xbox Series X, however the game launched with the same suite of graphical alternate choices all over Series X and PlayStation 5. It undoubtedly aspects four graphics modes, two of which allow ray-traced reflections. Quality mode renders the game at 4K and runs between 30 fps and 60 fps, while efficiency mode renders the game at 1080p and stays locked at 60 fps.

Doom Eternal

The Doom Slayer shoots demons in Doom Eternal.

After an optimization patch, Doom Eternal can now indicate you the full demonic blood and gore the fashion it used to be always supposed to be viewed. The update affords avid gamers three choices for how they need the game to flee on their Series X: Performance, Balanced, and Quality. Quality is the supreme one with ray tracing, on the opposite hand. No longer like many different video games, even though, it manages to grab a rock-solid 60 fps at a crisp 1080p resolution while detached exhibiting off the full lights effects for an even more immersive and brutal expertise.


A troop of soldiers in white outfits taking position.

Enlisted is allotment of Xbox’s Game Preview program, meaning it’s detached in active converse. It’s a squad-based FPS/MMO build for the length of World War 2, allowing you to play in the battles that defined the battle. Enlisted is a sport all about scale, and ray tracing helps with that loads. Developer Darkflow Gadget undoubtedly uses a proprietary system for ray-traced world illumination, allowing the studio to construct aesthetic lights and shadows in even the supreme scenes.


Fortnite characters running away from an explosion.

Fortnite has ray tracing on PC, but records regarding the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions is sparse. The visual upgrade between contemporary- and closing-gen is evident, even though. On Series X, Fortnite’s lights is softer and more aesthetic, with the lengthy-lasting ray tracing shine that comes from any object emitting light. Fortnite isn’t the correct showcase of ray tracing, but whilst you occur to play loads, the graphical enhancements are enough to clarify the soar to the Series X.

Gears 5

A red desert in Gears of War.

Gears 5 doesn’t undoubtedly exercise the ray-tracing hardware contained in the Xbox Series X, as a replace using instrument ray tracing in conceal-rental. That doesn’t mean ray tracing seems to be like unfriendly in Gears 5, even though. In contrast with the previous model of the game, the instrument ray tracing renders shadows rather more accurately. Gears 5 has been a technical surprise since launch, and with the energy of Series X, it seems to be like greater than ever.


Two sharks fighting underwater.

Maneater aspects ray-traced reflections and refractions on Xbox Series X, which makes an gigantic distinction for a sport that takes build of residing primarily underwater. It’s an launch-world sandbox the build you play as a shark terrorizing shallow waters. As you gnash via aquatic and land-dart foes, you’ll function perks and expertise, allowing you to grow and snatch on greater threats.

The Medium

A woman holding her head in a nightmare.

The Medium is a gorgeous, if below-optimized, Xbox Series X outlandish that aspects ray-traced reflections. The characteristic is in the market on Xbox Series X and PC, and the Series X model is capped at 30 fps. The Medium is a physiological awe sport that follows a medium named Marianne as she ventures deep into an abandoned communist resort. The sport in all equity queer as far as adventure/puzzle titles scoot, that incorporates a twin fact mechanic the build two worlds are rendered on conceal on the same time.

Metro Exodus

An abandoned building with the sun shining through.

The enhancements given to Metro Exodus manufacture it behold admire a trace-new sport on the Series X despite being one in all the oldest video games on this list. Taking build of residing in the submit-apocalyptic landscapes of Russia, both the interior and exterior locations were begging for this lights upgrade. It’s accurate as grand a survival awe sport as a FPS, so lights used to be always a prime whisper in surroundings the tone of the Metro video games. And with the dynamic day and night cycle in this latest entry, it accurate makes the fright the full more palpable.

NBA 2K21

Two basketball players playing basketball.

Sports activities video games aren’t frequently ever a reason to upgrade to next-gen, but NBA 2K21 makes a compelling argument. The variation is night and day, bringing the personality items, courts, and animations to life in a mode that no sports activities sport has executed sooner than. As a sport, NBA 2K21 continues to construct on 2K’s sports activities franchise, that consists of the MyCareer and MyTeam modes, as successfully as franchise mode. NBA 2K21 doesn’t alternate grand when it involves gameplay, however the graphical enhancements are value the cost of admission on my own.

Observer: System Redux

Two cyborgs talking through a neon display.
Bloober Crew

Of the full genres, awe video games are among the correct suited to getting the ray-tracing treatment. Observer: System Redux maybe is the correct proof of this attributable to it being both a awe and cyberpunk-fashion sport. The shaded, neon, and technological environments are now undoubtedly attractive on the Series X, hanging the game on par with the PS5, which already supported ray tracing for the title.

Poker Club

A man in a red hoodie holding poker chips.

You know ray tracing is hitting the mainstream when a poker sport decides it’s a indispensable graphical characteristic. Poker Club is one in all essentially the most now not going video games to make stronger ray tracing, but it does. Whereas you’re bluffing your method to an early demise, a minimum of you’ll be ready to enviornment a few aesthetic reflections bouncing off your chips.

Resident Inferior: Village

A zombie attacking in Resident Evil Village.

Yet every other sport we needed to wait somewhat to gain absolutely optimized, Resident Inferior: Village on the Series X also comes with a few new alternate choices reckoning on what you seemingly can like to prioritize. Within the event you’re having a gaze to manufacture the dingy, mist-covered village and candlelit interiors pull you in admire in no method sooner than, the ray-tracing option in all equity impressive. No longer simplest does it allow the resolution to hit as much as 4K, but that that possibilities are you’ll perchance additionally wait on HDR on and gain a first rate 45 frames per 2nd.

Spy Canine: Legion

A man with a mohawk on a motorcycle running from the cops.

Spy Canine: Legion used to be one in all the few Series X video games available at launch, and even though the game itself is somewhat prosaic, it detached seems to be like large. It’s a huge showcase of early-gen ray-tracing effects and a benchmark that is often when put next with future releases. Legion continues the fable of Spy Canine 2, following DedSec as they recruit, hack, and struggle to construct a resistance in opposition to the oppressive private armed forces community Albion.

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