EWS podcast episode 145: doubtlessly the most efficient DLC particular

Replace title: doubtlessly the most efficient Toby Carvery particular

This week the Electronic Wireless Indicate podcast is all about DLCs and expansions. We even swiftly flirt with exact journalism by discussing among the controversy connected with expansions and DLC and the Oblivion Horse Armour incident. There is, on the opposite hand, an prolonged damage within the guts of discussing DLC where we discuss Toby Carveries. Oh, attach now not fright within the occasion you haven’t any thought what that is: we repeat.

We also discuss Pirates Of The Caribbean, gravy and Toby Jugs, although sadly Matthew doesn’t have any original treats to debate this week. However there may maybe be an pretty Cavern Of Lies hosted by buddy of the indicate Sir Anthony Hopkins. Plus: damage you want organ chat? On account of that you can additionally be within the correct field!

It is doubtless you’ll maybe maybe hear on Spotify, or above, or trot straight to Soundcloud where that you can win it for later. It is doubtless you’ll maybe maybe also now discuss the episode on our Discord channel, which has a real room for podcast chat.

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Track is by Jack de Quidt, who’s price every penny.

While you happen to cherished this week’s Cavern Of Lies, why now not indicate your red meat up with an legitimate COV t-shirt? It could most likely produce Sir Anthony very fully contented, doubtlessly.


Matthew has named himself after the Oblivion Horse Amour.

Mass Attain 3 courted gamer infuriate with the day one DLC personality Javik, nonetheless charmed us all with the Citadel DLC.

Dragon Age Inquisition has some unparalleled DLC, along with Trespasser, which is in actual fact the damage of the sport.

Matthew is a mammoth fan of the DLC for Baldur’s Gate, as neatly as The Witcher 3 (the horny ghost makes a triumphant return to the podcast).

Nate’s favourites encompass Age Of Empires 2, which is getting original DLCs even now, the weird and wonderful Yuri’s Revenge addition to Inform & Triumph over, and the Battle Of The Chosen enlargement to XCOM 2.

I also cite The Sims 4, a sport made practically entirely of DLC, and we damage pickle up to web in some chat about Sea Of Thieves A Pirate’s Life, the Pirates Of The Caribbean-themed enlargement that is kicking off season 3.

Richard Madeley is felony Alan Partridge.

Solutions this week are to, once extra, rewatch The Sopranos, to originate staring on the original Disney/Wonder TV indicate Loki, and to peek into getting your milk from The Contemporary Milkman.

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