Explainer: The Plum Rain Season of East Asia

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The East Asian wet season or meiyu (actually plum rains), which normally starts in June and can closing the total ability into August, is the extinguish result of a climate front (a boundary conserving apart two masses of air of numerous densities) that is created when the moist air over the Pacific meets the cooler continental air mass.

When the moist air is cooled, the water within it condenses into drops heavy enough to be pulled down by gravity and, effectively, raindrops retain falling on our heads.

This front strikes backward and ahead as the chilly and warmth air masses fight it out, ending handiest when a warmth air mass from the south, associated to the subtropical ridge, is sturdy enough to push the front north and away.

Watch out wishing for that subtropical ridge, though: now not handiest does the mercury hover to miserable ranges; most tropical cyclones originate on the facet of it, which manner monsoon season.

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