FACT CHECK: Did Lego Recount Plans To Switch To Hemp Plastics By 2030?

A portray shared on Fb claims Lego launched it goals to transition to making its products out of hemp plastics by 2030.


Verdict: Counterfeit

There might be not this kind of thing as a chronicle of Lego asserting a shift to hemp plastics by 2030. A spokesperson for Lego confirmed the explain is “not right.”

Truth Ascertain:

A extensively shared image claims Lego “has launched plans to swap to Hemp plastics by 2030!” The image involves a portray of a Lego decide and cannabis plant life.

Hemp fiber might well additionally be extinct to fabricate a biodegradable and recyclable plastic most ceaselessly most ceaselessly known as hemp plastic, in step with Encyclopedia Britannica. So much of companies already invent hemp plastic, Packaging Gateway reports. (RELATED: Can You Smoke Marijuana On TV?)

Lego’s web plan states the extensive majority of its toy pieces are fabricated from a plastic identified as “ABS,” shorthand for its constituent chemicals: acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. ABS is produced with chemical substances derived from petroleum, in step with the Department of Strength.

Lego, on the replacement hand, has not made such an announcement about hemp plastics. Ascertain Your Truth searched the company’s social media posts as well to its web plan however found no level out of the alleged thought to swap to that subject cloth. There are likewise no credible info reports regarding the company asserting the kind of swap.

A identical explain seemed in a July 10, 2019 article on the earn plan Precise Hashish Entrepreneur titled, “LEGO Goes To Hemp Plastic By 2030 (The Formative years Are Going Inexperienced).” The article, on the replacement hand, does not present any hyperlinks to substantiate its claims. An editor’s expose on the bottom of the piece clarifies the story “can also just not be 100% right” and became in step with a February 2014 Plastic Files chronicle that acknowledged Lego is procuring for a sustainable replacement for ABS however mentions nothing about hemp plastic.

Whereas there will not be this kind of thing as a proof that Lego is for the time being planning to swap to hemp plastic, its web plan notes the company hopes to invent its bricks from “sustainable sources” by 2030, a objective that requires “growing totally fresh offers.” The corporate unveiled a prototype brick fabricated from recycled “PET plastic from discarded water bottles” in June, in step with a press free up.

Lego Americas Director of Communications Jennifer MacDonald suggested Ascertain Your Truth via e mail that the rumor of Lego revealing a planned transition to hemp plastics became “not right.”

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