Faded Afghan commanders to negotiate with Taliban

This would possibly maybe occasionally be a scenario for any individual force to rule Afghanistan for long with out consensus among the many ethnic groups, analysts order.

A band of feeble Afghan leaders, along side two regional commanders, are angling for talks with the Taliban and conception to meet within weeks to develop a recent front for keeping negotiations on the country’s next authorities.

Khalid Noor, son of Atta Mohammad Noor, the once-noteworthy governor of northern Afghanistan’s Balkh province, mentioned the neighborhood contains feeble ethnic Uzbek leader Abdul Rashid Dostum and others opposed to the Taliban’s takeover.

“We take to negotiate collectively, as a result of it is no longer that the order of Afghanistan will most certainly be solved correct by one amongst us,” Noor, 27, mentioned in an interview from an undisclosed space.

“So, it is a necessity for all of the political neighborhood of the country to be eager, particularly the extinct leaders, those with energy, with public reduction,” Noor mentioned.

Atta Noor and Dostum, veterans of 40 years of wrestle in Afghanistan, both fled the country when the northern city of Mazar-i Sharif fell to the Taliban with out a fight.

The US-backed authorities and military folded in totally different places as the Taliban swept into Kabul on August 15.

‘Very, very boastful’

Nonetheless, the backroom discussions are a designate of the country’s extinct strongmen coming abet to existence after the Taliban’s brilliant defense force campaign.

This would possibly maybe occasionally be a scenario for any entity to rule Afghanistan for long with out consensus between the country’s patchwork of ethnicities, most analysts order.

In disagreement to their old period in energy old to 2001, the predominantly Pashtun Taliban did watch reduction from Tajiks, Uzbeks, and other minorities as they ready their offensive final month.

“The Taliban at this point are very, very boastful as a result of they correct won militarily. But what we bear [is] that they know the likelihood of ruling the arrangement in which they did old to,” Noor mentioned, relating to the old Taliban regime’s exclusion of minority ethnic groups.

Atta Mohammad Noor, old governor of Balkh province, provides an interview in Mazar-i-Sharif [File: Reuters]

‘Resign out of ask’

Despite a dedication to negotiations, Noor mentioned there used to be a “big likelihood” the talks would possibly maybe perchance fail, leading the neighborhood to already prepare for armed resistance in opposition to the Taliban.

“Resign is out of the ask for us,” mentioned Noor, the youngest member of the erstwhile Afghan authorities’s crew that held talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

Ahmad Massoud, leader of Afghanistan’s final main outpost of anti-Taliban resistance, final week also mentioned he hoped talks with the Taliban would consequence in an inclusive authorities, failing which his forces had been ready to fight.

It stays hazardous how much stylish reduction is admittedly enjoyed by leaders equivalent to Atta Noor, broadly accused of corruption, and Dostum, accused of more than one acts of torture and brutality, and described in a US Department of Command file as a “quintessential warlord”. Each leaders screech the accusations.

The Taliban, already a formidable defense force force, are indisputably in possession of an estimated 2,000 armoured autos and up to 40 plane, among other fingers left within the abet of by fleeing Afghan forces, likely bolstering their firepower.

Tranquil, Noor mentioned the Taliban would no longer be ready to take out in opposition to stylish resistance.

“History has shown that no person in Afghanistan can rule by force, it is no longer doable,” the Western-knowledgeable flesh presser mentioned. “Regardless of how much reduction they’ve from the global neighborhood, this would possibly maybe perchance honest fail.”

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