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Few tiny print, no photos posted in have interaction witness for smoked fish

Aaron’s Gourmand Smoked Fish is issuing a voluntary have interaction of all smoked fish merchandise because of of the dearth of licensure and regulatory oversight by the notify company. 

The merchandise are packaged in each glass jars and vacuum-packed plastic bags, according to the corporate’s have interaction witness posted this afternoon by the u.S. Food and Drug Administration. The witness did no longer consist of any other figuring out files.

The merchandise were dispensed to Growers Outlet and Berry Lustrous PDX in Portland, OR. Customers who personal purchased these merchandise are suggested no longer to relish them, the corporate have interaction says. These merchandise must composed be thrown away or returned to the notify of bewitch for a corpulent refund.

The corporate reported as of the posting of its have interaction witness it was as soon as no longer attentive to any reported instances of illness connected to those merchandise.

This have interaction is being made with the records of the Oregon Division of Agriculture.

Please contact Aaron at 503-372-9849 for questions or complaints.

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