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Finnish mission objectives to lift adoption of AI-based alternatives

A current mission will tap into the aptitude of Finnish SMEs to develop their businesses thru identifying and imposing artificial intelligence (AI) based alternatives.

The AI Innovation Ecosystem for Competitiveness of SMEs (AI-TIE) mission, coordinated by Haaga-Helia College of Utilized Sciences, will point of interest on the effectively being, social care, cleantech and wellbeing sectors.

It objectives to back originate AI competencies and enhance collaborative networking between resolution services, RDI institutions, educated organisations and other key actors.

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council has awarded European regional trend funding and disclose funding to compose a bundle of services directed at SMEs to facilitate the planning, piloting, and adoption of AI-based alternatives.

SMEs will doubtless be equipped with coaching materials and web pages on the industrial employ of AI to back lengthen workers competency.

They’ll furthermore be encouraged to originate digital and web-based alternatives, besides bodily merchandise, to be definite that industrial viability in crises, such because the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The main partners in the mission are Finland’s Artificial Intelligence Accelerator FAIA as a allotment of Technology Industries of Finland, and MyData Global, the developer of the internationally indispensable MyData model possess collaborated.

Other collaborators consist of Laurea College of Utilized Sciences, the Helsinki Jam Chamber of Commerce, West-Uusimaa Chamber of Commerce, East-Uusimaa Enhance Organisation Posintra, Regional Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs of Uusimaa, NewCo and Successfully being Capital Helsinki.


In step with Finland’s artificial intelligence accelerator FAIA, Finland desires to point of interest extra on cooperation in the subject to strengthen its pickle at the tip of the international AI area.

The AI-TIE mission will back originate a brand current collaboration area which permits SMEs, extensive companies and companies, increased education institutions, educated organisations and other stakeholders to collaborate and provide their merchandise and services with the aim of accelerating sales.


Earlier this 365 days, the World Successfully being Organisation (WHO) released current steering on ethics and governance of AI for effectively being, following two years of consultations held by a panel of international experts appointed by WHO. 

Within the steering, WHO warns towards overestimating the benefits of AI for effectively being at the expense of core investments and techniques to originate universal effectively being protection. It furthermore argues that ethics and human rights should always be attach at the center of AI’s compose, deployment, and employ if the technology is to red meat up the availability of healthcare worldwide.


Dr Anna Nikina-Ruohonen, AI-TIE mission manager, Haaga-Helia College of Utilized Sciences, said: “Industry explicit AI capabilities are wanted, particularly in SMEs, and wellbeing, social and effectively being services is one of the main main point of interest areas in AI-TIE. 

“Finnish SMEs from this industrial are supported in the trend of their inner industrial processes, and product and service improvements thru AI. Within the long poke this work permits industrial-explicit AI trip, sustainability and ecosystem trend.”

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