Fire Emblem’s Gatekeeper Is Playable Now, And He’s Highly efficient

A screenshot of Gatekeeper from Fire Emblem Heroes.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Of the total characters I anticipated to be added to the cell gacha sport Fire Emblem Heroes, the Gatekeeper from Fire Emblem: Three Properties became no longer the first person that came to mind.

To be beautiful, Nintendo potentially didn’t both. FEH has a typical recognition poll called Take Your Legends, in which contributors of the community can vote on which Fire Emblem characters will most likely be added to the upcoming summoning pool. The unnamed gatekeeper identified for his charming procedure experiences had totally swept the vote this February, with practically twice as many gamers vote casting for him than any of the runners-up.

Who’s that this mysterious gatekeeper? He’s a Three Properties NPC who greets gamers by the gates of Garreg Mach monastery. He’s chipper, and he has an infectious can-terminate perspective. He practically looks out of space next to legendary protagonists akin to Marth and Eirika, or the compellingly tragic Marianne. He’s out of space next to outdated winners, who hang constantly been the royal protagonists of their respective video games. With the exception of for no longer being a playable personality in Three Properties, he doesn’t in point of fact hang a repute! So what compelled voters to send him to the very high? Consuming about that FEH has over 17 million downloads, the implications of the poll gave the influence a runt bit noteworthy for memery. Nonetheless now that he’s actually in FEH six months later, I booted up the game and determined to observe what this became about.

Though acquiring characters in FEH customarily involves gambling with free or paid currency, gamers can decide one Take Your Legends personality free of price. So you will most definitely be ready to both remove him straight, or you will most definitely be ready to remove him after forty summons within the occasion you had your look on somebody else. While I became grinding quests for summoning orbs, I seen that Gatekeeper became featured within the Forging Bonds tournament.

As anticipated from his occupation, he has very accurate defensive stats, and a indubitably former tempo stat. No matter being depicted with a superbly serviceable lance, he’s a tome person with a high attack stat. Wait, a magic person with a high attack stat? The gatekeeper?

G/O Media may perchance perchance uncover a commission

Reader, I became in point of fact no longer ready to observe his fight animation. It became so comely, I could perchance perchance perchance hang cried. LOOK AT IT.

HE’S NOT THE ONE ATTACKING. HE’S OPENING THE GATE FOR THE STUDENTS AND HIS COMRADES TO ATTACK. He has a high magical attack on tale of of anime friendship vitality. So long as he dutifully defends the gate, the folks he protects will come to his succor. Be mild, my beating heart!

Did I mention that the attack animations cycle between diversified groups of students and college? It blows my mind that the designers for the Gatekeeper save so noteworthy effort into imposing the animation for an attack that greatest lasts about three seconds.

Nonetheless extra importantly, pricey reader, he also will most definitely be comely.

He’s factual some guy who guards the front gates, and he’s so sure about it? I became skeptical on tale of I became as soon as a security guard within the front foyer of a resort. It became a technique of paying my bills while I pursued sport constructing. It became also the worst job I ever had. Unlike security guards within the films, real ones are customarily unarmed, and my job became mostly battle de-escalation with rogue customers. Prospects yelled at me, recorded me on their telephones, and threatened to name the police over buyer dissatisfaction. If somebody became being robbed in front of me, then they’d hang been on their hang. I could perchance perchance perchance no longer hang been as sure as Mister Gatekeeper. It became fully inconceivable. And I didn’t even take care of a fleshy-scale defense force invasion like he did in Three Properties!

Nonetheless FEH is a sport about heroes who are able to increased feats than mortal men. On this instance, his superpower is unerring positivity. As somebody who as soon as worked a dumb-terminate job, Gatekeeper is the model of myself that I wish I could perchance perchance perchance hang been. Someone who came at some level of reason within the day to day grind of factual ‘some job.’ I mean, demolish capitalism and all, nonetheless wouldn’t it be nice to indubitably feel akin to you’re ample? Care to your job is ample, even within the occasion you’re no longer curing most cancers or fixing world hunger?

When I became in high college, I believed I wanted to form rather an excellent deal of money and be somebody with a golden nameplate on their desk. When I hit the existential despair of being a school pupil, I started viewing work otherwise. I believed: With out a doubt the janitor who finds reason in his work is happier than the gap of labor employee who feels trapped by their skilled duties. Who’s fitter off? The anonymous gatekeeper, or the inappropriate princes who indubitably feel trapped of their future? Over 70,000 FEH gamers mediate they know the resolution.

I already most in model the gatekeeper after I met him in Three Properties, nonetheless FEH managed to enhance his relationship with the other characters thru their inclusion in his attack animation. It’s actually an infinite example of how are residing carrier video games are ready so as to add to unusual canon when the main sport is already over. Long are residing the Garreg Mach gatekeeper!

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