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Florida Girl Dies From Dengue Fever

By Denise Mann

HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, June 10, 2021 (HealthDay Data) — The death of a Miami lady in her 30s from within the neighborhood obtained dengue fever highlights the need for awareness of a doubtlessly fatal mosquito-borne virus that is now display within the USA.

Once finest seen in sizzling and steamy tropical or subtropical locales, dengue has been on the upward thrust in substances of the southern United States due to global warming, run and varied factors. Whereas most American citizens quiet contract the illness while touring to substances of the arena where dengue is endemic, there non-public furthermore been cases of within the neighborhood obtained dengue within the USA, including a 2019 outbreak in Miami.

It goes to happen when an arena mosquito feeds on a particular person that is infected with dengue after which poke the illness on to others.

Unfold by a bite from an infected Aedes mosquito, dengue can trigger a high fever, rash and muscle or joint difficulty. In severe cases, dengue can trigger doubtlessly fatal bleeding and shock. Each and each year, as a lot as 400 million folks will change into infected with dengue and about 22,000 will die from this illness, consistent with the U.S. Centers for Illness Regulate and Prevention.


In 2019, Florida saw 413 folks diagnosed with dengue, most of whom had no longer too long within the past traveled to Cuba. This outbreak sired 18 within the neighborhood obtained cases, including particular person that resulted within the young Miami lady’s death. To search out out the source of the infection, docs reviewed the girl’s run historic previous and performed genetic sequencing of the virus, which confirmed that it changed into once within the neighborhood obtained.

Her legend is the premise of a letter within the June 10 remark of the New England Journal of Medicine. It goes to quiet aid as a cautionary fable, said co-creator Dr. Stephen Morris, an infectious illness specialist at Jackson Memorial Health center in Miami.

“Florida is a get of a quasi-endemic space for dengue now,” he said. “We are going to non-public to quiet question this as a possibility though-provoking ahead, and docs within the southern U.S. will non-public to quiet know that dengue is on the desk as a that you just would mediate diagnosis.”


There may perchance be no longer this form of thing as a widely on the market vaccine to forestall dengue, Morris said. To stave off infection, “use a legitimate bug spray, quilt your pores and skin and steer certain of areas with slightly about a standing water,” he said. Mosquitoes use to lay eggs come standing water in buckets, bowls, flower pots and vases.


Shows on doors and home windows can furthermore place mosquitoes out, Morris said.

Delayed diagnosis

There may perchance be no longer this form of thing as a fast take a look at for dengue both so it could truly most likely uncover several days to get a diagnosis, explained leer co-creator Tyler Spicy, an epidemiologist on the CDC’s dengue department in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A extend in diagnosis performed a feature within the Miami lady’s death. “In case you judge it could truly most likely per chance perchance be dengue, take care of it as if they non-public got it, and if it’s adversarial, there is no such thing as a arrangement back,” Spicy said.

Remedy involves hydration and shut monitoring of serious indicators. “Say your doctor will non-public to probabilities are you’ll well need been to an space where dengue is endemic or if somebody you know has no longer too long within the past been diagnosed with dengue as it will no longer be front of tips to many docs,” he said.

Controlling mosquitoes on the neighborhood stage has been more well-known, said Spicy.

“We non-public to take awareness and invent, place in tips and within the spoil put in force instruments to combat dengue in South Florida and in other places,” he said.


There are programs of decreasing the mosquito inhabitants that are at display being explored. As an illustration, as phase of a controversial leer, Florida released genetically modified male mosquitoes that poke on a gene that kills baby girl earlier than they dilapidated. Most productive female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes can bite and spread dengue.

Unless and till the mosquito inhabitants is diminished, “it’s miles terribly vital to be attentive to dengue in Florida, Texas and Hawaii as we know that mosquito vector is there,” said Yesim Tozan, an assistant professor of world properly being on the NYU College of Global Public Health in New York City.

Fortunately, most local outbreaks within the USA non-public been cramped as mosquitoes can’t fly too some distance, she said.

“We are going to non-public to quiet be vigilant about fever and illness significantly after we know mosquitoes are energetic,” Tozan said. Mosquito season spans from spring to plunge.


“Climate alternate is making us learn about severe weather adore surprising rain and fluctuating temperatures and mosquitoes are very aloof to this, so all of a surprising we non-public breeding exercise after we in most cases would no longer,” explained Tozan, who changed into once no longer inquisitive relating to the new file.


“Be an educated traveler,” she said. “In case you would very properly be getting abet from areas where dengue and varied mosquito-borne diseases are prevalent, part your run historic previous with your doctor.”

Extra records

The U.S. Centers for Illness Regulate and Prevention offers more on dengue prevention.

SOURCES: Stephen Morris, MD, infectious illness specialist, Jackson Memorial Health center, Miami; Tyler Spicy, PhD, epidemiologist, CDC Dengue Department, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Yesim Tozan, PhD, assistant professor, global properly being, NYU College of Global Public, New York City; New England Journal of Medicine, June 10, 2021

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