Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Alien Invasion, Wrestle Meander, and Original Cosmetics

After a spate of random alien abductions, Fortnite Chapter Season 7 lifts the curtains on a beefy-scale invasion.

For the previous couple of weeks, gamers possess reported circumstances of being randomly kidnapped by aliens. This used to be merely a prelude to a cosmic battle between the gamers on the Island and an alien walk known as the Kymera. Alongside the season-length storyline, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Invasion will add new weapons, vehicles, and a brand new Wrestle Meander, however with a twist.

Aliens Invade the Island

As with previous Fortnite seasons, there could be an overarching storyline for Chapter 2 Season 7. Certain, aliens are invading, however Doctor Slone and the Imagined State (IO) are ready to step up and recall on the menace with new weapons and inventions.

Original Weapons and Vehicles

With the IO and Kymera taking on one one other, there could be new weapons from either aspect gamers can clutch up and use. The IO will introduce tools and weapons cherish the Recon Scanner, Pulse Rifle, and Rail Gun, whereas the aliens will fight support with the Kymera Ray Gun.

Devour you ever performed Fortnite?

The plan will also be inundated with alien ship, which gamers can either shoot down or hijack. Taking on one of many saucers will enable gamers to commute around the Island with their squad and blast foes the utilization of the constructed-in weapons.

Nuts and Bolts will also tumble from the Saucers and could perchance perchance additionally be used to craft new weapons from present ones. Transform Assault Rifles into Burst Assault Rifles or Shotguns correct into a Lever Motion Shotgun the utilization of these affords.

A Wrestle Meander With a Twist

As long-established, Fortnite will introduce a brand new Wrestle Meander to affiliate with the season. Somewhat than unlocking cosmetics by reaching explicit phases on the Meander, gamers will as a replacement accomplish Wrestle Stars at any time when they level up. Wrestle Stars can then be exchanged for Wrestle Meander rewards in whichever expose gamers need.

Leveling up will liberate extra pages of rewards, so extra cosmetics to alternate for Wrestle Stars. There’ll also be special rewards that handiest modified into on hand after shopping your entire other rewards on a internet page.

Original Skins – Rick and Morty, Superman, and Extra

As teased by the Fortnite Twitter legend Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, and DC’s Superman are two of the featured characters in this season’s Wrestle Meander.

Listed right here are the replacement characters incorporated in the Wrestle Meander

  • Sunny – An Alien sympathizer and Punk rocker.
  • Guggimon – Synthetic artist “who thrives in the chaos.”
  • Joey – A double agent alien in disguise. Unlock Joey’s transformation emote.
  • Zyg – A battle droid created by the Alien Uneven. Uneven is incorporated as Abet Bling.
  • Doctor Slone – The chief of the IO.
  • Rick Sanchez – Of Rick and Morty status.
  • Superman – It be a rooster, it be a airplane, it be Superman.

Also as half of the Wrestle Meander, gamers will straight away be triumphant in fetch admission to to the Kymera Outfit. This pores and skin is extremely customizable and over 800,000 diversified looks could perchance perchance additionally be created by mixing and matching diversified head shapes, scrutinize colors, pores and skin patterns, and extra. These customization choices could perchance perchance additionally be unlocked by finding Alien Artifacts scattered around the Island.

For added on Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, compare out the particulars on the graphical upgrades coming this season to Fortnite.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor.

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