Fortnite Season 7 patch notes: alien invasion, residing llamas, UFOs, & extra

Patch Notes

There is heaps of most modern teach to unpack with Fortnite Season 7 including drivable UFOs, residing loot llamas, and cool crossovers.


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fortnite season 7 aliens screen

Fortnite Season 7 has in the end arrived, and there were some shapely mountainous modifications to the game. From drivable UFOs to residing loot llamas, listed below are the most though-provoking additions to Fortnite Season 7.

We all knew aliens had been coming, but we didn’t know the strategy mountainous of an impact they would beget on Fortnite. After the servers went down on Tuesday morning, files miners chanced on factual how mountainous this season is. The diagram itself would possibly also not beget modified as unparalleled as in outdated seasons, but the loot pool and gameplay modifications are fabulous.

This text will jog over every fundamental exchange from Fortnite v.17.00. There is loads to quilt so buckle up and try not to salvage blown away.

fortnite season 7 battle pass

Alien invasion and abductions in Season 7

The theme for this season is Invasion. This title is terribly fitting seeing as the diagram is being invaded by adverse aliens. They’ve introduced with them an arsenal of futuristic weapons (which we are in a position to salvage to in a moment) and in addition recent adverse NPCs.

Avid gamers will see that The Spire has disappeared from the center of the diagram. Here is because it was as soon as destroyed by the invading aliens. The aliens can even abduct gamers randomly for the period of the match and affords them 15 seconds to loot chest from the tall Mothership that now floats above the diagram.

Drivable UFOs and high-tech weapons

UFOs would possibly also be chanced on across the diagram which gamers can pilot. Equivalent to Choppas, UFOs beget a 100% spawn rate on the areas they’ll also be chanced on. They’d also be frail to reboot gamers. They also come geared up with a Tractor Beam and a Laser Cannon.

Fortnite season 7 UFOs

There are also heaps of most modern weapons added to Fortnite Season 7 including the Rail Gun, Pulse Rifle, Recon Scanner, and Ray Gun. Every choices as a varied weapon that’s certain to enhance Fortnite’s gameplay.

Residing Loot Llama update

A few of the imprecise modifications this season is a broad exchange to the formulation Loot Llamas work. As a change of sitting aloof while gamers either bash them launch or shoot them, Loot Llamas will now bustle away from gamers. They’ll leak loot as gamers deal damage to them, and they’ll also moreover teleport.

Crossovers and future updates

As teased in videos by Epic Video games earlier this week, Fortnite Season 7 ingredients crossovers with each Rick & Morty and Superman. Every of those skins would possibly also be got by purchasing the Battle Pass. As effectively, each skins come with their dangle sets of things.

fortnite season 7 gravity gun

Fortnite also guarantees that this season will proceed to add extra weapons and areas over time. The season’s description states, “Because the Season progresses and the battle escalates, recent weaponry will likely be deployed and the battlefield will likely be shaken up.”

Patch Notes

The Fortnite v16.50 patch notes display veil an impending alien invasion coming to the island in the reach future.


2 weeks ago


Might well perchance well well also 25, 2021

fortnite patch notes 16.50

The Fortnite v16.50 patch notes are here, and they dangle some wild teach. Fan favorite weapons are assist, gamers will rapidly be abducted by aliens, and Loki is coming to Fortnite.

With 16.50 being the remaining fundamental update sooner than Season 7, it’s expected to be a shapely mountainous one. In the case of teach that gamers can salvage admission to in an instant, there isn’t too unparalleled. Nonetheless, this update finds loads about the high of Season 6 and the originate up of Season 7.

Avid gamers will originate up to sight minor diagram modifications over the remaining 14 days of Season 6. They’ll also in the end beget salvage admission to to the Foreshadowing Challenges that must display veil some crucial files about the approaching alien invasion.

Worm Fixes

  • Participant-built constructions beget reduced visuals in PC performance mode
  • Actual-added mates wrongly appear offline
  • Transferring left in inventory on controller skips the remaining weapon slot
  • “Recent Islands” checklist doesn’t update
  • The ocean is invisible in the minimap
  • A sport not beginning if participant is in a Phone Booth

Twin Pistols & Drum Shotgun are assist

Actual in time for the Season 6 Week 11 Legendary challenges, Fortnite has added the Twin pistols assist into the loot pool. Avid gamers will must deal a particular amount of damage with them to construct XP so it was as soon as assumed they would return with this update. Avid gamers can salvage the Twin Pistols in chests or as floor loot.

Nonetheless, the Legendary model of the Drum Shotgun was as soon as also added for the period of this update, nonetheless it isn’t accessible for the time being. It does beget a mark as if it will also be bought from an NPC, but that character isn’t in the game but. Avid gamers must aloof explore out for the return of the Drum Shotgun in the reach future.

Aliens are coming!

Potentially the most though-provoking teach update to come from the Fortnite v16.50 patch notes is the approaching alien abduction. UFOs are coming to the island to teleport gamers all around the diagram. As neatly-known in the Foreshadowing Challenges, these aliens will leave slit circles and would be a fundamental phase of Season 7’s theme.

In line with HYPEX, the UFOs will randomly spawn across the diagram and abduct gamers. These gamers will then be teleported elsewhere and beget their effectively being and shield restored in the process. Whereas its unknown whether these abductions are voluntary or not, gamers will likely be warned sooner than they are abducted.

A brand recent character named Mira can even be launched sometime in the reach future and sure would possibly be the person the gamers check with for the period of the Foreshadowing challenges. iFireMonkey released newly added dialogue that talks extra in depth about the alien invasion. The dialogue would possibly also be hinting at recent characters that will likely be launched in Season 7.

Loki of Asgard coming to Fortnite

Lastly, the silhouette of Loki from the Surprise Comics universe was as soon as spotted in the background of a recent loading display veil veil. This favor undeniably depicts Loki’s prolonged horned hat and Tesseract scepter. He also appears to be like to be alongside a transient-haired Thor.

This loading display veil veil is the remaining of the Might well perchance well well also Crew Pack weekly bonus rewards. It reveals Cuddle Group Leader returning to the island with a cybernetic makeover. Nonetheless, she would possibly also beget introduced Loki and Thor during the rift along with her. Avid gamers will factual must wait unless June to sight if Loki makes it into the game.

Patch Notes

Fortnite v16.40 brings an exhilarating recent LTM, modifications to the exotic/mythic loot pool, and a mysterious island rising in the ocean.


4 weeks ago


Might well perchance well well also 11, 2021

fortnite 16.40 patch notes

The Fortnite v16.40 update has arrived and it’s introduced with it a recent LTM, retuning exotic/mythic weapons, and a mysterious island is emerging from the ocean. Here are the Fortnite v16.40 patch notes.

The remaining update (v16.30) featured very though-provoking teach including two mythic bows. Neymar Jr. also joined the battle along with some insidious quests for unlocking his cosmetics. Fortnite patch 16.40 would possibly also not add any legendary superstars to the game, nonetheless it does enhance the gameplay rather loads.

In Fortnite v16.40, gamers can explore forward to a recent LTM called Dawn. This advanced sport mode rewards gamers skilled ample to total it. As effectively, the recent Marksman Six Shooter has been added alongside the exotic Primal AR. Lastly, the island below Flush Manufacturing facility has… grown.

Worm Fixes

  • Visible disorders on Toon Meowscles and in an identical method-styled outfits on particular platforms
  • Can not fabricate machine-degree events between PS5 and PS4 when taking half in Fortnite
  • Path coloration of the Harmonic Axes Pickaxe doesn’t consistently match selected vogue
  • Landing at a varied set than intended
  • prolonged-pressing the inventory button selects first craftable item
  • “Hunt Natural world” quest not monitoring development neatly
  • HUD displaying wrong memory mark sooner than inserting instrument or Gallery
  • Originate not neatly editing when building/editing quick in Creative
  • Prop-O-Matic ingredients not functioning accurately
  • “Recent Islands” checklist doesn’t update
  • Little white boxes appears to be like on Consumable thumbnails
  • gamers cannot exchange their personalized controller settings while taking half in Nintendo Swap in docked mode

Dawn LTM

A brand recent LTM called Dawn has been added that would also reward gamers with an unfamiliar umbrella after their first favor. This in total potential the LTM is extra subtle than the frequent sport of Fortnite. No longer unparalleled is neatly-known about the LTM rather than it has NPCs that will question the gamers rating helicopter pieces. Avid gamers can even battle wolves, ghosts, and marauders.

Recent Exotic/Mythic Weapons

There were a pair of modifications to the exotic/mythic weapon pool. The Dub exotic shotgun has been removed and the Marksman Six Shooter has taken its station. Now not just like the Marksman Revolver, this gun doesn’t spotlight opponents who were hit. As a change, the Marksman Six Shooter grants bonus major damage.

As effectively, the Spire Guardian’s Primal Assault Rifle has been added which is a recent mythic weapon. This weapon will likely be dropped by defeating the Spire Assassins who guard the six smaller towers across the diagram. It doesn’t beget any distinctive bonuses but deals monumental damage.

The island is rising

Closing update, eagle-eyed gamers spotted a puny island emerging from the ocean to the south of Flush Manufacturing facility. That island has since grown twice in dimension. Seeing as Fortnite is currently at some level of a Batman crossover, gamers believed that this island would evolve into the Bat Cave.

Nonetheless, this island is the home of Orella, the female Oro skin. Here, gamers can salvage her golden assault rifle which also unlocks a secret skin variant for Lara Croft. As far as the Fortnite v16.40 patch notes jog, these are a truly great additions to the game.

Patch Notes

The Fortnite v16.30 patch notes bring some fundamental modifications to the Battle Royale. Here’s all the things gamers must learn about this update.


1 month ago


April 27, 2021

Fortnite Knight of the Food Court

Fortnite v16.30, the third fundamental Season 6 patch, is are residing. This week’s update introduces Neymar Jr., a pair of Mythic bows, and a few explosive modifications to the casual and competitive loot swimming pools.

Fortnite’s remaining fundamental update (v16.20) added the prolonged-awaited grappler bow and a recent characteristic of off-avenue tires. These additions focused on mobility and made touring across the diagram loads more uncomplicated.

Update v16.30 focuses extra on enhanced firepower and adds Neymar Jr. to the season. Here’s all the things it’s doubtless you’ll presumably also must learn about Fortnite v16.30.

Worm Fixes

  • Avid gamers receiving a Quest from Jonesy The First that doesn’t grant rewards
  • Storm visible outcomes performing launch air of the Storm
  • “Recent Islands” checklist doesn’t update in Creative
  • Flag doesn’t respawn when flag carrier leaves sport
  • Little white boxes appears to be like on Consumable thumbnails
  • “Allow Spectate Assorted Group” surroundings not working
  • The “Unlucky Clams”/”Assassinate Fungus” quest in Scurvy Shoals beget a low spawn aim rate in Save the World.
Fortnite v16.30 Bug Fixes

Whereas all of those bugs would possibly also were mounted, gamers are already noticing a evident snarl with vehicles that causes them not to render unless they are perfect subsequent to them. With any luck, this snarl will likely be resolved rapidly because it’s causing heaps of unintentional wrecks.

Neymar Jr. Pores and skin

The Season 6 secret skin was as soon as revealed to be skilled footballer Neymar Jr. on the beginning of the season, and now gamers can total particular challenges to free up him. Equivalent to Predator in Season 5, there are extra challenges that would also be performed to free up extra Neymar-themed cosmetics.

Fortnite Neymar Skin Release

To free up Fortnite’s Neymar Jr. skin, you are going to must total 5 challenges given by soccer participant characters. They are chanced on on the soccer fields at Enjoyable Park, Soiled Docks, and Holly Hedges.

Recent Mythic Bows

Fortnite v16.30 also adds two recent Mythic bows into the rotation of weapons. Avid gamers can now not craft the Mechanical Explosive Bow but can salvage Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow by defeating the mini-boss at The Spire. The Unstable Bow would possibly also be bought from the Raven NPC located on a hill northwest of Sweaty Sands.

Raz’s Explosive Bow is much just like the non-mythic variant but deals extra damage. The Unstable Bow switches randomly between fire, stink, explosive, and shockwave arrows after every shot.

Fortnite Mythic Bows Unstable Explosive

This update isn’t as impactful as v16.20 by formulation of overall gameplay, nonetheless it does add some cool cosmetics to the game. As effectively, the reintroduction of the Explosive Bow in competitive matchmaking would possibly also ruffle a pair of gamers’ feather.

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