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Fossil shows a shark drinking a proto-squid because it ate a crustacean


4 Can also fair 2021

By Michael Marshall

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A prehistoric shark would possibly well perhaps well even maintain interrupted an passe squid-enjoy creature’s meal

C.Klug et al. Swiss J Palaeontol (2021)

It’s a fish-eat-belemnite-eat-crustacean world. A pair of remarkably preserved fossils seem to memoir the aftermath of a dramatic difference within the prehistoric ocean, when one predator became as soon as within the heart of a meal entirely to be focused by an even bigger one.

“The fossil is wonderful by itself,” attributable to of its articulate of preservation, says Christian Klug at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Nonetheless the stays inform a myth that sheds gentle on who became as soon as drinking who millions of years ago. …

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