Frostpunk 2 Is Already Getting Hit By ‘Scammer,’ Says Dev

guy kneeling in the snow with 'liar' written on his chest in frostpunk 2

Listing: 11 Bit Studios

The important fragment of promotional art for Frostpunk 2, a survival city-builder sport launched closing week, presentations a shirtless man kneeling within the snow, the discover “liar” painted in unlit tar all over his chest. This week, Frostpunk 2‘s builders talked about that some form of sketchy arena regarding pre-orders for the game popped on the on-line set of abode Kinguin. Hooray for metaphors!

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Frostpunk 2 is 11 Bit Studios’ discover-up to 2018’s Frostpunk, a relentlessly unforgiving city-building sim. Build in every other history in which the world freezes over on the high of the 19th century (yes, the Industrial Revolution did its element genuine rapid in that timeline), the first sport tasked you with conserving a tiny inhabitants of survivors alive for thus prolonged as attainable. It demanded meticulous handy resource administration and tricky choice-making, where virtually every preference you made normally came on the expense of one thing, or somebody, else. 11 Bit Studios hasn’t proven anything else beyond a cinematic trailer for the sequel, but says that Frostpunk 2 will characteristic a political bent that wasn’t recent within the first sport.

For followers of the long-established, Frostpunk 2 sounds cool. You additionally can’t officially bewitch it honest now. (On Steam, GOG, and the Legend Video games Store, there are choices to wishlist, on the opposite hand.)

a preorder listing for frostpunk 2 on kinguin

Screenshot: Kinguin / Kotaku

G/O Media also can find a fee

As of this writing, there’s a web page on Kinguin that purports to give pre-orders for the game, sold by skill of the retailer g2play.find (five stars! 1.7 million scores!). It’s at the moment available for $37.50. However 11 Bit Studios talked about in a tweet that the itemizing is from a “SHITTY SCAMMER,” whereas noting that, “we don’t know the value of our sport but, [and] we don’t like any keys.”

Frostpunk 2 does no longer at the moment if truth be told like a liberate date.

Some observers trace that here’s a total “gray market” discover, where third-birthday celebration sellers place aside up pre-screech keys for upcoming games on the market—no topic no longer having keys available at that very moment—and then live up if truth be told enjoyable the quiz when the game does in the end attain up.

Again, the developer itself does no longer know the value of the game.

“Honestly, we haven’t been alive to on the pricepoint but, but it doesn’t topic,” 11 Bit’s PR lead Paweł Miechowski told Kotaku by skill of email. “What bought me so angry is that they’re selling one thing they don’t like, they’ll’t even know if they are going to love it (!) but apparently it grew to turn out to be hasty standard thanks to very massive hobby from our much neighborhood. That’s no longer ethical. They deserve to soundless no longer monetize on the folk adore this.”

“We voice regret for the inclusion of unconfirmed data that appeared within the itemizing on Kinguin.find in regard to Frostpunk 2,” Brandon Doerfler, Kinguin’s appearing CEO, told Kotaku in a assertion. “We like since removed this and made it determined to somebody visiting our set of abode that the game is on the market for preorder absolute top.”

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Update, 1: 30 p.m. ET: Added responses from 11 Bit Studios and Kinguin.

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