Funding Innovation to Fight Climate Alternate

October 13, 2021

The climate disaster is the defining issue of our age, and to battle it successfully, we’ll must revamp our world. That requires money and technological innovation – but it also requires knowledge of native communities, and policymaking. Crack of morning time Lippert works at the intersection of all of these issues.

She’s the founder and CEO of Elemental Excelerator, a non-profit incubator that helps climate-focused startups deploy their applied sciences. In September 2021, Elemental spun out a $60m mission-capital fund that can abet entrepreneurs tackling climate switch to scale their alternate ideas more impulsively. She joins Azeem Azhar to focus on about how revolutionary climate tech companies can gather it to market, and why employees at Silicon Valley’s splendid companies are flocking to the battle against climate switch.

They also focus on about:

  • The staunch-world challenges climate tech investors want to take care of.
  • What Silicon Valley investors want to be taught to work in climate tech.
  • Why climate affect investing is set more than decreasing greenhouse gases.




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