Gargantuan Data: Huge shifts promised for an AI future

Purveyor of Fashioned Storage says AI and GPU-primarily primarily based compute will dominate, and is space to assist with its (relatively) cheap, deep and instant QLC-plus-Optane provide

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Printed: 10 Nov 2021 17: 15

Gargantuan Data will triple engineering funding and promises “very intrepid merchandise” as the firm orients against a future whereby machine studying and artificial intelligence (AI) will dominate IT and funding around it.

That’s primarily primarily based on chief advertising officer Jeff Denworth, who spoke to Computer Weekly this week. He space out a imaginative and prescient of Gargantuan as a like a flash rising well-known particular person with a product that matches a future of very tremendous volumes of info – generated from machine and human activity – from which organisations can maintain to would actually like to like a flash affect perception.

Gargantuan Data sells what it calls Fashioned Storage, in accordance to bulk, relatively cheap and like a flash accessible QLC flash with Optane (or end to-equivalent) snappy cache to tender enter/output. It is file storage, largely suited to unstructured or semi-structured info, and Gargantuan envisages it as tremendous swimming pools of datacentre storage, a change for the cloud.

No topic the tie to specific hardware, Gargantuan sells only software program – it’s in accordance to a containerised assist watch over airplane – and with prospects in a position to show screen and assist watch over fleets of Gargantuan deployments anyplace all during the globe by Uplink Cloud Management.

Gargantuan is in a momentous length whereby firm revenues maintain outstripped all expectations and industry performance is at myth phases for a storage seller of its size and age.

In slack July, as an illustration, Gargantuan announced gives worth $30m with US Federal prospects. Quarterly revenue increases, when they’ve printed them, were within the heaps of p.c, and Denworth is furthermore concerned to talk up Gargantuan’s performance relative to funding secured – and no longer like – other storage corporations, singling out AWS and Pure Storage.

“You don’t accumulate many tech corporations that grow at a rate of 3x or 4x yearly without burning through cash,” said Denworth, citing Pure and AWS as examples of these to maintain carried out that. “Investors are salivating over the growth we’ve shown combined with the efficiency over the lengthy-time length.” Gargantuan, he said, has been far less counting on funding rounds, and when it has tapped traders it has had specific objectives in mind.

Gargantuan uncontested?

How has Gargantuan done this? He places it down to the firm having little opponents in phrases of technology, while furthermore benefitting from relatively few gigantic stamp sales reasonably than many little gives.

“Now not like other gigantic tech adoption events, we’re uncontested in common storage,” said Denworth.

“Companies are killing themselves to build up heard, while we stand on an island – of flash on the associated charge of exhausting drives – and we intention of us that employ gigantic,” he said. “We settle we can employ the same quantity of effort or less closing just a few gigantic gives than we would on a total lot little ones.

“We maintain half the change of of us Pure Storage draw to draw the equivalent aim and that capability spending far less. We draw gives with of us that nick gigantic cheques.”

He presumably had in mind just a few of Gargantuan’s gigantic US federal prospects, who contributed $20m-plus to the firm’s sales earlier this twelve months.

Denworth furthermore claimed Gargantuan is performing superbly in phrases of accumulate routine revenue, with prospects going from, “just a few hundred thousand to over $20m” in phrases of employ with the firm.

A 3x growth in engineering

Nonetheless what does all this imply for the formulation forward for Gargantuan Data? Denworth said the firm would “originate tripling the scale of the engineering group, as lengthy as the industry enables it”, and promised a revised and strategic “fat imaginative and prescient” having a learn about out 5 or 10 years – “Elon Musk-style” – nonetheless no longer until 2022.

On the other hand, when asked referring to the technological fruits of such engineering funding, he remained tight-lipped. That’s keen, because this type of strategic power absolutely signifies a chief effort to re-orient the firm’s provide.

While refusing to clarify, he did, on the other hand, space out the wider context that Gargantuan goals to play in. Namely, a world where computing is characterised by the pervasive state of machine studying.

“While you learn about at AI, we’re aloof within the earliest phases of an occasion that’s about to happen,” he said, citing learn that claims revenue generated around AI will surpass even that of the rise of the accumulate.

The motive within the assist of that? “As computing will get nearer to working out exact-world events, the quantity of processing vitality will lengthen exponentially,” said Denworth.

Which implies, he said, that while prospects now are largely thinking about retaining info, “in future, it’ll be all about flash and extraordinarily excessive-powered processing, with flash that doesn’t care how consistently you disappear assist to it”.

Machine studying is the lengthy speed

“In the next 20 years we’ll judge about a brand new class of utility,” said Denworth. “It won’t be about transactional info, it won’t be about digital transformation. What we’ll judge about is computing coming to humans; seeing, listening to and analysing that pure info.”

In accordance to Denworth, that might possibly require a brand new computing framework, and judge about “very intrepid merchandise” announced by Gargantuan.

He went very tranquil at this level in phrases of detail, nonetheless did give out what is going to be described as clues.

“We are conscious of no longer computing in one datacentre, and the utilization of unstructured and structured info,” said Denworth. “We are furthermore conscious that info has gravity, nonetheless so furthermore does compute can maintain to you accumulate to the excessive end.”

Gargantuan is a firm in accordance to container-primarily primarily based software program, so in theory that enables for to take into accounta good deal of portability. Nonetheless on the same time, Gargantuan is amazingly much linked to specific hardware configurations.

“We are in a position to tumble pre-configured hardware into a datacentre in two-and-a-half hours,” said Denworth.

That all factors to farms of excessive-performance processing backed by Gargantuan’s fleet-accumulate entry to bulk storage, and linked by something love its Uplink Cloud Management.

So, no gigantic gaps in phrases of what Gargantuan has already in its stack. Per chance there’s something more. It’s a case of “test out this condominium”.

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