Garmin’s 2021 plod cams add cloud storage and app connectivity

Garmin enhances the already spectacular capabilities of its involving-slim plod cams with phone connectivity and cloud uploads.

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Garmin announced Wednesday that one amongst PCWorld’s current line of plod cams has been upgraded with phone and cloud connectivity. The new plod cams, which could perhaps perhaps be available directly via, encompass the 1080p Flee Cam Mini 2, the 1080p Flee Cam 47, the 1440p Flee Cam 57, and the 1440p, broad-discipline-of-gaze 67W.

All with the exception of the accurately named, key-fob-sized Mini 2 feature GPS and a two-shuffle shade level to. The Mini 2 is priced at $130, and the terminate-terminate 67W at $260.

On account of the newfound connectivity, there’s now a parking mode (wake on disturbances to way terminate video), plus a are dwelling gaze on your phone courtesy of the Garmin Power app. The app could perhaps perhaps also be feeble to offload and gaze captures, to boot to configure settings.

Movies are uploaded for safekeeping to Garmin’s Vault storage service, where they’ll stay for no decrease than 24 hours, with an probability (via myth and subscription, remember that) for storage for as a lot as 30 days. All four gadgets store video on removeable SD playing cards for uncomplicated swapping and archiving. 

Garmin’s plod cams make stronger recount preserve an eye on and offer a vary of sinister-driver—ahem, driver safety sides, equivalent to forward collision and lane departure signals, to boot to bustle camera warnings. 

To our mind, Garmin’s new gadgets are as beefy-featured as any forward-very best plod cams on the market. We hope the subsequent iteration will add alternatives for inner and rear gaze cameras. To learn more discuss over with Garmin’s internet anxiousness.

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