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Geometric deep learning of RNA structure

Machine learning solves RNA puzzles

RNA molecules fold into complex 3-dimensional shapes that are subtle to uncover experimentally or predict computationally. Knowing these structures would per chance presumably presumably assist in the discovery of medicine for presently untreatable ailments. Townshend et al. launched a machine-learning capacity that vastly improves prediction of RNA structures (look the Level of view by Weeks). Most rather tons of latest advances in deep learning admire required a corpulent amount of info for practising. The fact that this means succeeds given very limited practising info means that linked solutions would per chance presumably presumably take care of unsolved complications in a entire lot of fields the place info are scarce.

Science, abe5650, this disaster p. 1047; look also abk1971, p. 964


RNA molecules undertake 3-dimensional structures that are indispensable to their feature and of pastime in drug discovery. Few RNA structures are known, however, and predicting them computationally has confirmed animated. We introduce a machine learning capacity that allows identification of stunning structural objects with out assumptions about their defining traits, despite being trained with handiest 18 known RNA structures. The ensuing scoring feature, the Atomic Rotationally Equivariant Scorer (ARES), substantially outperforms old solutions and repeatedly produces the valid ends in community-broad blind RNA structure prediction challenges. By learning successfully even from a small amount of info, our capacity overcomes a necessary limitation of original deep neural networks. Since it uses handiest atomic coordinates as inputs and incorporates no RNA-particular info, this means is appropriate to numerous complications in structural biology, chemistry, materials science, and beyond.

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