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Getting willing macrophages for the future


Cells reside in complex environments and need to reply appropriately to extracellular signals. Such responses on the entire bear regulating the expression of hundreds of genes through transcription factors (TFs). Many TFs are activated by a couple of signals and retain watch over the expression of obvious genes according to each and each. How extracellular files is “encoded” in TF affirm and attributable to this reality “decoded” to orchestrate gene expression is a most necessary quiz in biology. Intriguingly, some TFs such as nuclear element κB (NF-κB) and p53 encode signaling files in their temporal dynamics (1). Experiences like shown that signaling dynamics would possibly perhaps perhaps also be extinct to govern the introduced on expression levels (2), forms (3), or ratios (4) of genes. On page 1349 of this scheme back, Cheng et al. (5) file a previously unknown role for TF dynamics: They show veil that NF-κB dynamics no longer only regulate how genes reply within the most modern nonetheless additionally reconfigure the cell to govern gene expression according to future stimulation.

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