(G)I-DLE Releases Novel Mini-Album ‘I Burn’: Circulation It Now

K-pop girl personnel (G)I-DLE released its highly anticipated mini-album I burn through Republic Files on Monday (Jan. 11).

The sextet’s six-track project threads together musical arrangements and Eastern instrumentation to fetch the items of a broken heart, as I burn describes the aftermath of a painful breakup during the motif of a blazing fireplace and the sequential triumph like a exquisite flower. The South Korean personnel’s leader Soyeon earns writing credits on three songs, while Minnie scores two and Yuqi has one.

(G)I-DLE transformed their 2018 single “HANN” for the EP’s opener, titled “HANN (Alone in the winter).” I burn‘s good lead single “HWAA” ignites one’s interior-fireplace to book clear of the chilly feelings precipitated by a breakup over a moombahton-inspired beat, while its closing discover “DAHLIA” thrives as an upbeat fancy track. “I am going to elevate to love you anyway, oh/ ‘Trigger you would maybe well maybe very successfully be my Dahlia,” Soojin and Miyeon negate in English in the chorus.

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