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GM, LG and Hyundai Battery Fixes from Mid-October 2021-2023

Typical Motors will open up making battery fixes to over 140,000 recalled Chevrolet Bolts EVs and EUVs beginning in mid-October. Every GM Poke ever made and each Hyundai electric Kona ever made had been recalled for the reason that battery packs can preserve fireside. There desires to be a $11000 to 12000 repair for every electric car. There had been about 142,000 GM Bolts and 82,000 Hyundai Kona’s impacted.

The 2017-19 model year Poke EVs will accumulate five fresh battery modules, the truth is getting an enhanced battery pack. The 2020-22 Poke EVs will accumulate all fresh modules too, except GM would possibly perhaps maybe perhaps make rising instrument that will enable it to identify whether or not they delight in depraved modules that need replacing.

LG Chem has restarted production at LG’s flowers in Holland, Michigan, and Hazel Park. They’ve been down since August.

LG’s first 5GWh US battery production plant opened in Michigan in 2012, which LG mentioned required an funding of around US$600 million. LG is moreover including capacity to the flowers so it would make extra cells as wanted by GM.

Thru a joint project (JV) agreement with carmaker GM, it’s now building a 35GWh plant in Ohio, worth around US$2.3 billion and expected to originate in 2022.

The Poke EV has about a 60 kWh battery. The 5 GWh manufacturing facility would preserve over two years of production to interchange all recalled battery packs for GM and Hyundai. If the fresh LG Ohio battery manufacturing facility opens in 2022, then elevated battery production would possibly perhaps maybe perhaps trip finishing the battery repairs earlier in 2023. In every other case, it would possibly perhaps maybe maybe perhaps preserve till early 2024 to total the retract repairs.

GM and LG confirmed the muse reason late reported battery fires. There are two manufacturing defects referred to as a torn anode and a folded separator. Both defects in the identical battery cell trigger a fireplace to occur. GM confirms that 13 Bolts delight in caught fireside whereas parked, inflicting three injuries. Eleven of these fires were in the U.S.

GM has steered Poke owners to not park internal 50 feet of a building and to not price over 90%.

In about 60 days, there desires to be battery pack prognosis instrument to search out out if the battery defects are reward in a explicit car.

Tesla has to scrutinize out as the electric car opponents are on fireside.

SOURCES- Detriot Free Press, GM, LG, Energy Storage News

Written by Brian Wang,

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