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Guidelines on how to Switch Audio Devices From Windows 11’s Taskbar

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Must you’re the exercise of Windows 11 and must snappy change between headphones, speakers, or different sound units, there’s a transient, nearly hidden plan to administration your audio output from the taskbar. Right here’s form it.

First, click the speaker icon on the some distance gleaming facet of the taskbar. It’s positioned gleaming to the left of the date and time. It’s truly piece of a button, as you’ll survey.

Click the area to the left of the clock in the taskbar to bring up the Quick Settings menu.

If you click the speaker icon, the Hasty Settings menu will seem. In case your volume slider is visible, click the “>” arrow gleaming to the gleaming of the slider. (If it’s not visible, you’ll settle on to click the pencil icon, then “Add,” and put off “Volume” from the list.)

Click the arrow beside the volume slider in Windows 11 Quick Setup.

After clicking the arrow beside the amount slider, an inventory for managing audio units will take care of over the Hasty Settings menu. Have interaction the audio instrument you’d like to make exercise of in the list by clicking it.

The Windows 11 manage audio devices list in the Quick Setup menu.

And that’s it. Precise click outdoors the Hasty Settings menu to close the menu and set adjustments.

If it is a must to maintain extra detailed adjustments for your Windows 11 sound settings snappy, gleaming inaugurate Hasty Settings all but again, click the arrow beside the amount slider, and put off “Extra Volume Settings” on the underside of the menu.


The Settings app will originate, pointing robotically to System > Sound, the set you need to additionally entry extra sound enter and output alternatives. Overjoyed listening!

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