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Hear: Many Colleges Are Buying for High-Tech Air Purifiers. What Would possibly moreover honest peaceful Of us Know?

Right here’s a collaboration between KHN and “Science Friday.” Hear to the dialog between KHN senior correspondent Christina Jewett and Science Friday’s host and executive producer, Ira Flatow.

As students return to school, fogeys are getting a range of mail about what colleges are doing to greater shield younger of us in the evaluate room — collectively with minute print on veil policies and how younger of us will sit down at lunch. One merchandise on many directors’ lists of maintaining measures is enhancing ventilation in the evaluate room.

Many experiences salvage proven that greater ventilation and air circulation can considerably decrease covid-19 transmission. But as an alternative of stocking up on HEPA filters, some college districts are turning to high-tech air purification solutions, collectively with the exhaust of untested digital programs and airborne chemical compounds.

KHN has written broadly about college air filtration. Senior correspondent Christina Jewett joins Ira Flatow to showcase why some air-quality consultants are no longer as much as blissful by the advertising and marketing and marketing claims made by many digital air air purifier companies.

Don’t shuffle away out the simple snail-mail hack Jewett shares to gauge whether or no longer the machine your college is utilizing would per chance be of tell.

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