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Helio Health uses telehealth to therapy ranking admission to concerns for Medicaid population

Helio Health in Syracuse, New York, treats patients with substance employ disorder and behavioral successfully being concerns. Progressively, these patients believe exacerbating prerequisites on the clinical aspect. On top of these, there is a COVID-19 possibility for every crew and patients.


Each aspects believe been very inclined, and there is a virus of substance employ disorder – and an epidemic on top of that.

“And so we wished to determine on out a technique to ranking the continuity of care that persevered obligatory cherish these of us and minimized their publicity to COVID-19 – and total decreased risks,” mentioned Corey M. Zeigler, CIO at Helio Health.


“So we purchased iPads and Microsoft Surface laptops,” he persevered. “The Surface laptops went to crew, and that gave them the mobility to basically work from wherever. And we gave the iPads to the patients.”

One of the vital patients are in residential care or transitioning out of inpatient. The iPads allowed them to receive services and products, no matter where they believe been.

“We historical Microsoft Teams as a conduit to connect the provider with the affected person,” Zeigler outlined. “So it used to be a three-piece solution: Microsoft Teams as the instrument, the iPads within the patients’ fingers and the laptops within the clinicians’ fingers. This allowed us to interchange telehealth from what used to be 5% of services and products sooner than the pandemic to 85% of services and products within the guts of.”


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There has positively been a substitute at Helio Health. A gigantic substitute in culture.

“While you remember assist sooner than the times of Teams and Zoom, we primarily had GoToMeeting and WebEx, and all americans hated them. They believe been clunky, and of us wished to fulfill in person,” Zeigler mentioned. 

“Hundreds of folk believe their kids at dwelling, and now they want care, and they ranking no longer believe sources to take care of their kids. So now with telehealth they might be able to ranking their sessions and receive their care appropriate of their dwelling.”

Corey M. Zeigler, Helio Health

“They didn’t like doing these items almost about. Neither did patients. And I declare that the cultural substitute that has took space with the pandemic across the arena with digital care has changed the full paradigm in which we discover care, and of us are truly appreciative of being ready to receive care almost about.

“And sooner than you comprehend it, the brand new digital care paradigm solved plenty of different exacerbating concerns we had,” he persevered. “Transportation is tall. We believe a pleasant network that is predominantly Medicaid. And so we have a pleasant population that would no longer believe autos, or they believe got transportation challenges to ranking to care.”

Now transportation complications for plenty of their visits believe been solved, attributable to these visits are dealt with almost about.

“The ideal mutter used to be valid animated by that more or much less cultural substitute,” he mentioned. “It wasn’t a technology mutter. It used to be valid an acceptance mutter. On the initiating, patients believe been like, uh, what is this? How ranking I ranking it? It be habitual. What if it would no longer work? Who can see my data? What’s the safety of it? You realize, all these unanswered questions, and so we valid needed to withhold a marketing campaign of conversation toughen and cheerleading late it to withhold it animated.”

Workers saved it up except they hit a valuable mass spherical September, when Helio Health truly hit its scurry.

“I’d be surprised if we ever plod assist to the means we operated sooner than the pandemic, even when COVID-19 is gone, that we ever plod assist to a elephantine in-person care mannequin,” Zeigler mentioned. “If I had a crystal ball, I’d deliver more than 30% of care would be telehealth if we can end pure telephonic, but if we stick to video, I’d deliver 20-30% will seemingly be digital care perpetually. Folks prefer it, they’ve gotten historical to it and they’re happy with it. Telehealth is going to be a permanent piece of our care mannequin.”


The ideal end result for Helio Health has been ranking admission to to care, frightful and straightforward.

“We solved the transportation mutter,” Zeigler mentioned. “Bag entry to is onerous to measure. What would occur? It be almost like actuarial and insurance coverage. Cherish a possibility dimension. How ranking I measure what would no longer occur? So we’re challenged with the stuffed with us available that don’t decide on care or put no longer want sought restoration within the occasion that they didn’t believe ranking admission to to clinical services and products.”

Helio Health for certain no longer conducted a quiz of patients asking what they would believe refrained from telehealth. Nonetheless speaking to the capabilities, Zeigler anecdotally can deliver patients believe been “happy” about the technical capabilities.

“And I didn’t even level out childcare,” he added. “The unreal wide mutter moreover transportation is childcare. So with the full college closings, you believe of us attempting to determine on out how they eradicate care of their kids. And childcare isn’t any longer available attributable to of the full COVID-19 restrictions.

“So plenty of folk believe their kids at dwelling, and now they want care, and they ranking no longer believe sources to take care of their kids. So now with telehealth they might be able to ranking their sessions and receive their care appropriate of their dwelling.”

These patients believe been telling their counselors that telehealth has been a game-changer for them, he added.


Closing year, Helio Health used to be awarded $504,034 by the FCC telehealth fund for laptops, medications and other telehealth instruments to habits some distance off monitoring and therapy of patients with COVID-19, as successfully as order and video consultations, to be obvious persevered cherish the affected person population while protecting the healthcare crew.

“Our ideal rob used to be the hardware,” Zeigler connected. “Virtually in its entirety, we spent the money on iPads, laptops, and an upgraded network and mobile telephone machine to toughen the elevated quiz of of the some distance off traffic. We believe a pleasant outpatient constructing [that] we have made the brains of our mobile telephone machine, and we introduced the whole lot into that constructing and centralized it so of us can, even within the occasion that they’re in other capabilities, be routed into that by that centralized mannequin.”

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