HelloSystem 0.6.0


  • Home windows are now resizable in any respect edges
  • Home windows snap to definite sizes when dragged to the edge of the cloak, comparable to “Aero Snap”
  • Resize icon in the bottom right
  • Smartly centered window titles
  • Fall shadow rendering that doesn’t appear earlier than the comfort of the window
  • Animations on window resize
  • Animation when minimizing and un-minimizing dwelling windows
  • Involving overview of all initiate dwelling windows by appealing the mouse in the simpler-left corner
  • Stacked preliminary window placement Cascade = staircase-by-title (while respecting centered Utility splash screens)
  • Rounded corners on the tip and bright corners on the bottom
  • Rounded corners on the tip go if dwelling windows are maximized or snapped to the tip
  • Tuned kernel configuration for optimized sound, thanks @mekanix
  • initiate show now helps -e to initiate files in the FeatherPad text editor. Here’s helpful, e.g., when editing scripts
  • Fly over a window title with the mouse that used to be collapsed with Windowshading to lickety-split unshade it
  • “Originate” show in File menu; Uncover-O and Uncover-ArrowDown to initiate files and folders in Filer
  • Uncover-Backspace to place files and folders into the Trash
  • Simplified user interface for Desktop Settings; changes are now applied instantly
  • Filer: Home windows had been simplified, fewer unneeded pixels on the cloak
  • Filer: “Thumbnail Watch” has been eradicated
  • Desktop: The wallpaper now will seemingly be characteristic to “Transparent”
  • Filer: The --desktop possibility has been deprecated (to restart Filer, press Uncover+Ctrl+Esc, click on on the desktop or a Filer window, and simply launch Filer any other time, e.g., from the Dock)
  • Filer: The file operation dialog (e.g., for copying) has been simplified
  • Filer: Replica menu merchandise, Uncover-D
  • Filer: Uncover+Shift+Backspace for deleting instantly (with out the utilize of Trash)
  • Filer: An Empty Trash menu merchandise used to be added to the Edit menu and to the context menu of the Trash icon on the Desktop
  • Desktop: The wallpaper is now shown earlier (earlier than establishing the icons on the Desktop)
  • Filer: Simplified “To find Data” dialog
  • Filer: Implements the org.freedesktop.FileManager1 D-Bus API which enables functions to specialize in files in the file supervisor, thanks @mszoek
  • Filer: “Advise Contents” for Utility Bundles
  • Filer: Consume tabs to simplify user interface
  • Developer Preview: New Battery applet for the Menu to display cloak the battery beget stage, thanks @linuxkettle


  • Purposes in .app bundles which hang paths with whitespaces can now be pinned to the Dock
  • launch Filer --characteristic-wallpaper /some.jpg not garbles icons
  • Optimistic Filer menu gadgets are now disabled when no files or folders had been selected
  • Filer: Accomplish not strive to reproduction or roam gadgets in the filesystem if source and vacation residing paths are identical
  • Filer: Repair “Ambiguous shortcut overload” errors, form shortcuts work successfully
  • Filer: Produce file operation development dialog appear supreme after any build a query to/error dialogs
  • Filer: “Pass to Trash” is now because it goes to be labeled in the menu
  • Filer: The Trash icon on the Desktop not has a “Pass to Trash” context menu merchandise
  • Developer Preview: Network can now join to encrypted and initiate wi-fi networks, thanks @linuxkettle and @jsm222

To be verified

  • Non-networked HP printers can also honest aloof now work out of the sphere because of the the hplip equipment


  • Switched from Openbox to the KWin window supervisor
  • Crudely labored spherical many Plasma desktop particular dependencies of the KWin window supervisor

Upstreaming efforts

helloDesktop is the desktop ambiance broken-down in helloSystem. We would desire to uncover it ported to FreeBSD.

  • Experimental helloDesktop ports and packages for FreeBSD are accessible for making an try out

Identified components

  • We’re presently the utilize of most smartly-liked in preference to quarterly packages in the hope that Kf5 dependencies would perhaps be fewer there (to be revisited and certain reverted in the long term)
  • Mouse cursor is simply too petite when the mouse hovers over KWin window decorations on HiDPI screens
  • Live mode boot behind, wants 4GB+ RAM (Diminutive print)

Download Torrent:

Thanks FOSS Torrents for offering Torrents of Free and Originate Source Application.

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