HORROR: Mexico City metro overpass collapses onto avenue; No longer now now not up to 23 dull…

MEXICO CITY (AP) — An elevated fragment of the Mexico City metro collapsed and despatched the articulate plunging towards a busy boulevard leisurely Monday, killing no now now not up to 23 other americans and injuring no now now not up to 79, city officers mentioned.

Rescuers realized four bodies internal a rail car that used to be dangling from the overpass but were unable to spend away them. It used to be now now not determined if these dull were included amongst the toll of 23. A crane sparsely reduced the automobile to the ground Tuesday.

Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum mentioned one amongst the concrete beams collapsed as a articulate left out it about 10: 30 p.m. in one amongst the deadliest episodes in the historical past of the town’s subway system, which is amongst the realm’s busiest.

Mexican Foreign Household Secretary Marcelo Ebrard called the give draw “the most monstrous accident we salvage ever had in mass transportation.” Ebrard used to be Mexico City’s mayor from 2006 to 2012, when the affected line used to be built.

“The trigger of the give draw of the beam must be established via an professional investigation,” Sheinbaum mentioned.

Earlier, she mentioned any individual had been pulled alive from a car on the avenue. She mentioned 77 of the injured were hospitalized, adding that younger other americans were amongst the dull.

The overpass used to be about 5 meters (16 toes) above the avenue in the borough of Tlahuac, however the articulate ran above a concrete median strip, which curiously lessened the casualties amongst motorists.

The Mexico City Metro — which is amongst the realm’s cheapest with tickets costing about 25 cents —has had no now now not up to three serious accidents since its inauguration half a century up to now. In March 2020, a collision between two trains at the Tacubaya residing left one passenger dull and injured 41. In 2015, a articulate that did now now not stop on time crashed into one other at the Oceania residing, injuring 12. In October 1975, no now now not up to 26 other americans were killed in a metro accident.

Hundreds of police officers and firefighters cordoned off the scene as determined chums and family of different americans believed to be on the articulate gathered. Despite the reality that the coronavirus topic remains serious in Mexico City, they crowded together expecting news.

Adrián Loa Martínez, 46, mentioned his mother called him to repeat him that his half-brother and sister-in-law were using when the overpass collapsed and that a beam fell onto their car.

He mentioned that his sister-in-law used to be despatched to a hospital, but that his half brother José Juan Galindo used to be beaten and he feared he used to be dull. “He’s down there now,” he urged journalists, pointing to the realm.

Gisela Rioja Castro, 43, used to be attempting to procure her 42-year-old husband, Miguel Ángel Espinoza. She mentioned he always takes that articulate after work, but he by no reach bought home and had stopped answering his cell phone. When she heard what came about, she accurate now feared the worst but has gotten no information from the authorities.

“Nobody knows something,” she mentioned.

The give draw came about on Line 12, the subway’s most modern. It stretches a long way into the town’s south facet. Delight in a ramification of the dozen subway strains, it runs underground via extra central areas of the town of 9 million but is on elevated concrete buildings on the outskirts.

Allegations of unhappy scheme and construction on the subway line emerged soon after the Ebrard left place of job as mayor. The line wanted to be partly closed in 2013 so tracks would be repaired.

Ebrard, who leads Mexico’s efforts to scheme coronavirus vaccines, has been thought to be a attainable presidential candidate in 2024.

He wrote on Twitter: “What came about right now time on the Metro is a monstrous tragedy.”

“Obviously, the causes ought to be investigated and these responsible ought to be identified,” he wrote. “I repeat that I am utterly at the disposition of authorities to make a contribution in no topic reach is fundamental.”

On Tuesday, Ebrard appeared at President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s on a fashioned basis news convention, announcing, “I portion the indignation that exists.”

It used to be now now not determined whether or now now not a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in 2017 also can salvage affected the subway line. There were reports that cracks had appeared in the defective of no now now not up to 1 amongst the columns that toughen the elevated discover following that quake.

The line used to be closed Tuesday and a full bunch of buses were called in. Thousands in surrounding neighborhoods lined up ahead of crack of morning time to snatch the buses for work.

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