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How Did Elisa Lam Die on the Cecil Resort? The total Theories, Explained

Netflix’s most smartly-liked appropriate crime docuseries, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at Cecil Resort, tells the fable of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-oldschool student from Canada who went missing from Los Angeles’ Cecil Resort and used to be finally found insensible in 2013. The hotel has a provoking reputation: Traditional manager Amy Worth says within the four-fragment series that 80 of us died there between 2007 and 2017. It also used to be a scream where serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger incessantly stayed.

Lam made a reservation for 3 nights in a shared room on Jan. 28, 2013, nonetheless she used to be transferred to a non-public room after her roommates complained about her irregular behavior. She used to be reported missing by her dad and mother on January 31.

CCTV video from inner regarded as one of the main Cecil Resort elevators notify a clearly agitated Lam leaping out and in of the elevator as if she thinks she’s being adopted before she by some means exits the elevator and disappears.

Two weeks later, Lam’s naked physique used to be display cloak in a water tank on the constructing’s roof after company complained about the hotel’s water quality.

Nonetheless…what exactly happened to Elisa Lam? Authorities dominated Lam’s dying an accident precipitated by withdrawal from her prescribed medication for her bipolar dysfunction. Lam took several medications, her sister suggested LAPD detective Wallace Tennelle: the anti-depressant Wellbutrin, the anti-convulsant Lamotrigdine, and an anti-epilleptic and mood stabilizer Quetiapine.

“My thought is that she fell off her medication, and in her scream, she happened to gain her potential onto the roof, bought into the tank of water,” Tennelle acknowledged in a deposition, per CBC. “On the time, I mediate that water tank used to be maybe chubby. Nonetheless as of us inclined the tank, inclined water, unknown to her, the diploma used to be shedding to a diploma where she would possibly maybe no longer reach out and earn away, and he or she died that implies.”

episode 3 of crime scene the vanishing at the cecil hotel c courtesy of netflix © 2021

Investigators looking over security footage of Lam on the Cecil Resort.


No subject this being the official clarification, varied theories about Lam’s reason within the encourage of dying aloof persist to this display cloak day:

Theory #1: She died by suicide.

Lam had an active blog on Tumblr and he or she documented her struggles with fright and depression. “i need i would possibly maybe attach fragment of my brain into a taped shut box and shove it to the encourage of my closet for the night,” she wrote in one post. Many include pointed to her posts as evidence that she died by suicide. Nonetheless, the coroner acknowledged that “a chubby overview of circumstances” didn’t toughen the postulate Lam tried to wound herself, in step with CBC.

Lam’s last post on her Tumblr also didn’t counsel she used to be planning her maintain dying. “I include arrived in Laland…and there would possibly maybe be a monstrosity of a constructing subsequent to the scream I’m staying,” she wrote, relating to the Cecil Resort. “When I convey monstrosity mind you I’m announcing as in gaudy nonetheless nonetheless it used to be constructed in 1928 hence the art work deco theme so certain it IS classy nonetheless then because it’s LA it went on crack. Somewhat definite here’s where Baz Lurhmann needs to movie the Enormous Gatsby.”

Theory #2: Lam used to be murdered.

The coroner concluded there used to be no evidence of unpleasant play, nonetheless masses of of us aloof mediate otherwise, pointing to Lam’s irregular behavior within the elevator as evidence she used to be being adopted, along on the side of her naked physique.

The lid within the water tank where she used to be found used to be also closed, which would possibly maybe well include been very no longer likely for her to cease if she had climbed into the tank. Nonetheless the hotel upkeep employee suggested Netflix that the lid had been opened when her physique used to be found—he acknowledged he closed it before the police came.

firefighters and police officers on the cecil hotel roof in episode 2 of crime scene the vanishing at the cecil hotel c courtesy of netflix © 2021

The water tanks on top of the Cecil Resort.


Some of us include even pointed the finger at Pablo Vergara, a.k.a. Morbid, a steel rocker who shared a video of himself all thru the Cecil Resort days after Lam’s physique used to be found. He also teased a brand fresh tune video called “Died in Bother” all the diagram thru the identical time. Morbid undoubtedly visited the hotel in 2012, no longer 2013, so his end didn’t overlap with Lam’s. He also later acknowledged that he used to be in Mexico recording an album when Lam went missing. In the docuseries, he defined that he suffered from psychological health components from the accusations.

Theory #3: She used to be abusing substances.

Hundreds of of us include pointed to Lam’s behavior within the elevator as evidence she used to be the utilization of hallucinatory medications. Nonetheless Vice reviews that her toxicology narrative didn’t gain any evidence of equipment or alcohol in her blueprint.

Theory #4: It used to be a copycat murder.

In the 2005 movie Darkish Water, of us on the condominium complex where the most significant characters dwell whinge that the spicy water is gloomy and tastes off. That outcomes within the invention of a lady’s physique in a water tank on the roof.

Theory #5: Lam used to be focused on a tuberculosis test.

This one is…available within the market. Some of us repeat that there used to be a tuberculosis outbreak on the identical time on Skid Row, appropriate a few blocks a long way flung from the Cecil Resort. Armchair consultants existing that the test for the make of tuberculosis circulating used to be called the LAM-ELISA (Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), which, unfamiliar twist of fate.

Some include also acknowledged Lam used to be inclined as a biological weapon to back make a choice out the homeless inhabitants and that she used to be later killed after any person found that she had realized too unparalleled. Nonetheless her autopsy didn’t notify any indicators of tuberculosis, so… that appears extremely no longer likely.

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