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How Southwestern Successfully being Sources saves $6M a yr with predictive analytics

No topic its efforts to title rising- and at-chance sufferers in the midst of the pandemic, keep up a correspondence with their important care physicians about these sufferers, and generate affected person-facing education, Southwestern Successfully being Sources, potentially the most tasty health machine in North Texas, discovered many sufferers gathered were delaying physician visits for chronic disease administration and preventive care attributable to fear of COVID-19.


The country has viewed demise rates rising from episodes such as heart assaults and strokes, whereas cancer screenings have plummeted. The Southwestern Successfully being team determined it main to impress more to form determined the inhabitants it serves receives the care they need safely and promptly. With that, they launched a “closing the care gaps initiative” in the tiresome summer season and early fall of 2020.

“We dilapidated our predictive analytics records to title rising-chance and excessive-chance sufferers, reminded them of their wish to pursue routine care appointments, screenings, tests and visits, and provided the lists to physicians so that they also could apply up to lend a hand in-person or virtual appointments,” stated Dr. Jason Fish, chief medical officer at Southwestern Successfully being Sources.

“Moreover, we labored with third-celebration partners to ship in-home test kits to sufferers so that they could present main knowledge that can strengthen optimum care, such as fecal test kits and diabetes test kits, moreover to offering more alternate ideas for care in the sufferers’ homes, such as diabetic note assessments,” he added.


In overall, healthcare organizations don’t look like short of records. Rather, it be that individuals don’t act on the records that is on hand, Fish stated.

“Our predictive analytics know-how team helped transfer us speedy from retrospective reporting to being in a situation to effectively harness records already in our machine to form predictive analytics for the populations we support,” he explained. “We wanted so that you have to per chance consume our records to prospectively apply sources the place they’re main in a timely vogue for most impact.

“As an illustration, if we are able to title sufferers who are at increased chance of admission, readmission or medication noncompliance, and coordinate proactive and preventive tackle these sufferers, we are able to find yourself with better affected person outcomes and subsequently a lower total tag of care,” he added.

“A key factor is how we are able to title sufferers who need extra sources and strengthen, whether it be home-based interventions, pharmacy strengthen, and loads others., at any level.”

Dr. Jason Fish, Southwestern Successfully being Sources

The serious facet is how the provider group uses records to title sufferers who are doubtless to need extra sources and strengthen now or down the avenue, whether through home-based interventions, pharmacy strengthen, more PCP visits and diversified methodology.

“We’ve the flexibility to integrate medical EHR records, claims records and public health records to discover the meaningful medical knowledge and produce it to companies at the level of care,” he great. “At Southwestern Successfully being, we are able to consume records to title gaps, self-discipline triggers and reminders that enable companies to intervene before sufferers have an acute – and costly – sickness.

“We consume predictive analytics to toughen the expertise for every and each physicians and sufferers and to lower the worth of tackle payers and diversified purchasers of health advantages,” he stated.


Southwestern Successfully being’s inhabitants health products and companies present workers with a health administration machine that allows knowledge and enhancements to be with out warning scaled at some level of the community. An intensive records repository (from physician EHRs that now encompass with regards to three million weird Dallas/Citadel Worth sufferers), records integration and analytics all feed into a sturdy health knowledge exchange machine that helps physicians toughen efficiency.

“The consume of records and sources from our inhabitants health products and companies, particular person physicians and physician groups are supported in bettering quality and security, moreover to reducing the total tag of care,” Fish stated. “This helps alternatives to beget improvements of particular person companies and groups, moreover to the final efficiency of the physician community.”

There are three areas that form up Southwestern Successfully being’s inhabitants health and medical integration efficiency analytics:

  • Analytics architecture, built to encompass claims-based analytics, supplemented by genuine-time (or finish to-genuine-time) physician practice EHR records, scheduling records and health center ADT knowledge (including non-SWHR hospitals).
  • Opportunity evaluation. Figuring out sufferers who need PHSC strengthen products and companies, including excessive-chance care administration, preventive care, incorporation into disease-administration programs, referral pointers and utilization-administration programs.
  • Disclose affected person engagement. The capability to directly prefer sufferers through non-public and computerized methodology in hiss to note adherence to care-administration protocols and present extra strengthen products and companies.

“A key factor is how we are able to title sufferers who need extra sources and strengthen, whether it be home-based interventions, pharmacy strengthen, and loads others., at any level,” Fish stated. 

“In overall you wait till any person is already hitting the health machine. They’re in an emergency department, they’re admitted, they’ve had surgical procedure. They’ve had some acute task going on, and after we title these folks, more and more we now were relying on an inpatient care coordinator to begin that task as soon as the affected person is in an inpatient facility.

“That is after we are able to then begin to consume sources,” he added. “For certain, we would mighty rather prevent the accidents from occurring in the important situation.”

The group is starting up to integrate records from a entire lot of sources. As an illustration, social determinants of health will also be key factors in a person’s total health. Many of us factor in SODH as economically disadvantaged populations, and that is the rationale segment of it.

On the different hand, social determinants impact health outcomes at some level of all socioeconomic strata, at some level of all racial groups and at some level of all diversified cultural backgrounds. Therefore, Southwestern Successfully being needed to adapt its care-administration sources to fulfill sufferers’ social wants, moreover to their healthcare wants.


“A top instance is through our colorectal screening outcomes,” Fish great. “Practically one-third of 108,000 colorectal test kits we dispensed were returned, and roughly 5% of these were clear, which methodology they confirmed a blood antigen that is said to colon cancer.

“From there, apply-up became once performed with sufferers who examined clear for a blood antigen linked to colon cancer, and Southwestern Successfully being reported a 32% hole closure rate,” he stated. 

“Participating clinics exceeded their long-established purpose purpose of 25% whereas extra strengthening the affected person and provider relationship and opening the door for launch, correct communique about colorectal cancer.”

Southwestern Successfully being also dispensed larger than 200,000 focused communications to sufferers in chance of heart assaults and strokes, urging them to wait on away from delaying care. The consume of superior analytics from claims and EHR records, the group disseminated larger than 250,000 amplified messages to sufferers and participants in excessive-prevalence Zip codes that highlighted prevention of COVID-19 infections in the neighborhood.

“Strategic partnerships with attempting out lab vendors allowed for in-home attempting out for diabetes A1C, nephropathy, and colorectal cancer, and facilitated in-home attempting out for diabetic note assessments,” Fish explained. 

“Southwestern Successfully being established a partnership with Univision to attain larger than 5.5 million of us with messaging delivered by Southwestern Successfully being community physicians to lend a hand the Latino inhabitants no longer to prolong necessary care,” he stated.

The health machine “identified larger than 150,000 sufferers among their participants who are in chance for heart problems and serious cardiac occasions,” he added. “Emails and letters were despatched to 150,000 sufferers to educate them about the indicators of stroke and heart occasions, and when to gaze emergency care.”

The post-acute care initiative established a model for efficiency enchancment and a tiering machine for excessive reliability and most standard PAC companies, he added. It lowered the per member/per yr total tag of post-acute care by 5% – or an estimated $6 million in savings linked to lowered pointless utilization for 2019. Financial savings have continued to develop in the years since.


Fish informed his peers working with predictive analytics to be launch to unusual suggestions. He stated Southwestern Successfully being is continually piloting, attempting out and scaling improvements that notify the feasibility of a cost-based health machine whereas demonstrating the flexibility of inhabitants health administration at some level of the continuum to lower the total tag of care.

“Have the SDOH, which has continuously been amplified, and as of late became exacerbated at some level of the pandemic,” he added. “As a clinically integrated community, we are continually evolving how we tackle these weird wants of the neighborhood. Now we have learned to leverage the vitality of records analytics for more sturdy and proactive inhabitants health administration.”

As an illustration, the group can watch sufferers to fancy the clarification for fending off healthcare appointments and note jointly for that you have to also factor in solutions, he stated.

By shooting records at every touchpoint, Southwestern Successfully being can present cost for sufferers, physicians and payers, even at some level of the pandemic.

“Knowledge helps title gaps in care to form determined at-chance sufferers gain routine care, the elderly are being cared for at home, and that every eligible sufferers are getting their routine vaccinations,” he concluded. 

“Throughout the pandemic, records aggregation and analytics have enabled us to conduct outreach to larger than 10,000 sufferers in excessive-prevalence Zip codes and put together screenings of COVID-clear sufferers for SDOH.”

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