How to factory reset an Xbox One

Whether you’re giving your console to a buddy or troubleshooting a technical discipline, generally you beautiful have to give your Xbox One a new originate. Fortunately, Microsoft makes this very easy to invent for both those that have to exercise their video games and apps installed and those that select to originate with a entirely neat slate. This identical course of applies to all variations of the console, whether you appreciate the long-established or the beefed-up Xbox One X, with one minor disagreement we’ll show later.

Existing that even in the occasion you opt to exercise your video games and apps installed, performing a factory reset will easy pick away all non-public recordsdata and associations from the console, including saved video games, achievements, settings, and accounts. All of that is kept in the cloud if your console is synced up with Xbox Are living, which occurs robotically when linked to the acquire, so be obvious to accelerate surfing, in the occasion you’re ready, before initiating the reset.

Whenever you’re ready, proceed with our handbook on guidelines on how to factory reset an Xbox One. If for technical reasons you are unable to witness the display conceal or gain entry to the Settings menu in repeat to impact the next steps, then skip forward and we’ll negate you the workaround besides it up with an exterior USB drive. Existing that you just could possibly possibly well need gain entry to to a Home windows PC to set that, on the opposite hand.

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Performing a factory reset from the dashboard

Step 1: Evaluation in. Press the Xbox button (aesthetic in the center of the controller) to elevate up the handbook overlay.

Xbox One dashboard

Step 2: Navigate to the System menu (the gear on the a long way appropriate), and pick out Settings.

Xbox One settings

Step 3: Take System, then Console Info.

Xbox One system

Step 4: Take Reset Console.

Xbox One console info

At this level, you appreciate the choice to either Reset and Desire The whole lot or Reset and Make a selection My Games & Apps (or assassinate and support out in the occasion you aren’t ready).

Xbox One reset

Existing that even in the occasion you exercise your video games and apps, your whole non-public recordsdata will easy be wiped from the machine, so be obvious to sync up with Xbox Are living or export your settings manually beforehand in the occasion you don’t have to lose them. Whenever you’ve selected your chosen methodology to reset, the console will proceed with erasing grunt material, which could possibly perchance also pick several minutes.

Performing a reset with the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter

Xbox One troubleshoot

Must you could possibly possibly well’t boot your console, you could possibly possibly well impact a factory reset the employ of the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. Decided long-established Xbox Ones don’t improve the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter — look below for famous aspects — however it doesn’t trouble to envision regardless. First, vitality down your console fully and pick away the vitality and network cables for at least 30 seconds. Mosey the vitality cable support in and be aware these steps:

Step 1: Withhold down the Eject and Bind buttons on your console.

The Eject button is on the entrance of the long-established Xbox One console appropriate next to the disk drive, while the Bind button is on the left aspect, straight adjacent to the disk drive, with a image that appears to be like care for “)))” on it. Existing that on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, both buttons are on the entrance of the console, with the Bind button sitting straight below the Xbox button on the true edge. The Xbox One S Digital doesn’t appreciate an Eject button, so the Bind and Xbox buttons will invent the trick. Whenever you are keeping both buttons, press the Xbox (vitality) button on the entrance of the console.

Step 2: Initiate the Xbox button, however proceed keeping the Eject and Bind buttons for 10-15 seconds. Hear for 2 tones before releasing these buttons. The Xbox Startup Troubleshooter will seem quickly after.

Step 3: Take Reset This Xbox from the settings and proceed with the factory reset.

Performing an offline machine update by USB

Must you’re experiencing concerns and have to impact a factory reset to clear up them, you could possibly possibly well merely no longer have to accelerate that a long way. You would possibly also impact an offline machine update by procedure of USB, which is ready to roll support any failed updates or assorted concerns keeping your Xbox One from working correctly. Must you appreciate an Xbox One S, Xbox One S Digital, or Xbox One X, performing an offline machine update is moderately easy. The long-established Xbox One requires a number of more steps.

Corsair Flash Voyager GS USB 3.0 512GB

Offline machine update with Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Step 1: Win a appropriate USB flash drive. You would possibly want to a entirely empty flash drive with no longer lower than 4GB of on hand dwelling. It have to also be formatted for NTFS, which is the default Home windows file machine. Win your USB drive in the File Explorer, appropriate-click it, and pick out Structure. On the next display conceal, you could possibly possibly well leave the whole lot as is moreover File System. Change that to NTFS if it isn’t already build that methodology.

Step 2: Download the update file to your computer and extract it into the USB flash drive. You would possibly also gain the zipped update file from Microsoft here. Extract the file and reproduction “$SystemUpdate” onto the root directory of the USB flash drive. It could perchance possibly well well also merely easy be the certainly file there. As soon as the transfer is whole, eject and unplug the USB tool and return to your console.

Step 3: Energy down your Xbox One and pick away both the vitality and network cables from the support. Wait 30 seconds as soon because it is miles fully off.

Step 4: Mosey in the vitality cable and insert the flash drive into the USB port.

Step 5: Press and withhold the Bind and Eject buttons on the console, then press the Xbox button.

Step 6: Continue keeping Bind and Eject for 10-15 seconds except the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter hundreds. As soon because it does, pick out Offline System Change. Wait while the machine updates, and also you’re factual to accelerate. If the update fails, you could possibly possibly well have to restart your console and strive again. Must you’re easy having concerns, contact Microsoft for technical improve.

Offline machine update with long-established Xbox One

Step 1: Strive to originate the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter by fully powering down your console and doing away with the vitality cable for at least 30 seconds. After, lag the cable support in and press the Pair and Eject buttons, then the Xbox button. Initiate the Xbox button and withhold the assorted two for 10-15 seconds. Whenever you hear two vitality-up tones, free up the assorted two buttons. Must you look the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter — labeled “troubleshoot” at the tip — proceed with the steps above. If no longer, proceed on this share.

Step 2: Must you don’t look the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter, flip on your Xbox One and press the Xbox button on your controller. Put together Profile & System > Settings > System, then pick out Console Info. Stare on your OS model. If it’s one in every of the variations listed below, proceed to step four. If no longer, accelerate to step three.

  • 6.2.11791.0 (xb_rel_1411.141114-2300) fre
  • 6.2.12521.0 (xb_rel_1503.150305-1449) fre
  • 6.2.12998.0 (xb_rel_1506.150601-2200) fre
  • 6.2.13326.0 (xb_rel_1508.150810-2029) fre
  • 6.2.13332.0 (xb_rel_1508.150903-2141) fre
  • 10.0.10586.1006 (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151107-2322) fre
  • 10.0.10586.1016 (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151118-2147) fre
  • 10.0.10586.1024 (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151203-1909) fre
  • 10.0.10586.1026 (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151217-1035) fre
  • 10.0.10586.1100 (th2_xbox_rel_1602.160210-2122) fre
  • 10.0.10586.1194 (th2_xbox_rel_1603.160317-1900) fre

Step 3: Must you appreciate an OS model assorted than those listed above, you’ll have to impact two offline updates. As is the case with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, you’ll want a USB drive with no longer lower than 4GB of dwelling, formatted to NTFS (consult with the directions above on guidelines on how to invent that). If your OS model is 6.2.9781.0, acquire OSU3 from Microsoft. If it’s the relaxation, you’ll need OSU2.

Step 4: The following steps are the identical no topic your OS model. The totally disagreement is that you just’ll have to impact them twice in the occasion you don’t appreciate one in every of the OS variations listed above, as soon as with either OSU3 or OSU2, and as soon as more with OSU1. Must you invent appreciate one in every of the listed OS variations, beautiful impact these steps with OSU1. Download the glorious update file and extract it. Switch the “$SystemUpdate” file to your USB drive’s root directory (it can probably well merely easy be the certainly thing on your USB drive).

Step 5: To birth, flip off your console. After it’s fully powered off, lag on your USB tool. Whenever you’ve done that, press and withhold down both the Eject and Bind buttons, click the console’s Xbox button one time, after which free up it (however exercise the assorted two held down). Continue urgent the Eject and Bind buttons for at least 15 seconds, then pick your finger off. Be distinct you wait the chubby 15 seconds; in the occasion you don’t, you’ll appreciate to accelerate by the overall course of again from originate to originate. 

You’ll know that the course of is whole could possibly well well appreciate to you hear two “vitality-up” sounds.

The two noises signal that the Xbox has efficiently identified the USB drive-in. It’s serious to listen to for those two tones, as they exclaim your machine to originate updating robotically. The dearth of those sounds or the “vitality-down” ding methodology that a attainable error has took place or there used to be an unsuccessful strive at an update. If this occurs, it’s a factual suggestion to accelerate forward and restart the course of altogether. Must you’ve tried it a number of times with out any glorious fortune, we indicate you contact Microsoft for technical improve.

Performing a factory reset by procedure of USB

One other thing you could possibly possibly well invent is reset the console by the employ of Microsoft’s reset machine update file. Must you care for to appreciate to set that, all you appreciate to invent is accelerate support by the first 5 steps mentioned above, changing this update file with the one we presented in the next step.

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