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HTC Vive Professional 2 review

It’s no longer excellent, but the HTC Vive Professional 2’s howdy-res conceal and swiftly refresh fee function it fee your time.


  • Superlative resolution
  • Broad self-discipline of behold
  • Vital audio
  • Score admission to to a good deal of nice PC VR titles


  • Does earn hot
  • Costly
  • Monitoring location-up is finicky
  • Controllers are getting dated

It’s no longer excellent, but the HTC Vive Professional 2’s howdy-res conceal and swiftly refresh fee function it fee your time.


  • + Superlative resolution
  • + Broad self-discipline of behold
  • + Vital audio
  • + Score admission to to a good deal of nice PC VR titles


  • Does earn hot
  • Costly
  • Monitoring location-up is finicky
  • Controllers are getting dated

HTC used to be indubitably one of the most earliest champions within the contemporary period of VR hardware, with the distinctive HTC Vive virtual reality headset laborious to beat for some time. The competition has heated up in contemporary years, so HTC’s most traditional PC VR endeavor has upped the stakes to match – the HTC Vive Professional 2 is indubitably one of the most finest virtual reality headsets readily out there.

With a excessive-resolution conceal, swiftly refresh fee, and worthy built-in audio, it’s fanatic-grade hardware that rivals the Valve Index and would negate a huge visual enhance for any individual jumping from an Oculus Quest 2. Nonetheless it’s no longer all roses – there are some areas of the package deal that if truth be told feel left within the previous, and pretty a excessive monetary barrier to entry that ought to be cleared. With about a caveats in tips, there’s heaps to like here, and a if truth be told immersive skills awaits these that can accommodate the calls for of the HTC Vive Professional 2.

HTC Vive Professional 2 review: Create

  • Tall inviting ‘5K’ expose 
  • Snug 120Hz refresh fee and wide 120-degree FOV
  • Vive controllers are exhibiting their age  

Although the mainstream VR trade seems heading in direction of a future where all-in-one, wi-fi headsets esteem the Oculus Quest 2 are the norm, HTC’s Vive Professional 2 is terribly worthy aimed as an various at the fanatic-level participant – the abolish of one who doesn’t blush at the fee of a excessive-kill gaming PC, and values higher resolution and refresh charges over portability.

As such, the Vive Professional 2 stays a tethered headset, requiring a high-notch gaming PC to dash. And that’s to be expected, given the specs here – the Vive Professional 2 targets a 5K resolution (its expose is 4896 x 2448, something the same to 2.5K for each study), and a silky subtle 120Hz refresh fee. Both of these specifications are key to the headset feeling satisfied and natural in instruct – the smoother and sharper the VR action, the more real looking and immersive this may maybe occasionally maybe maybe if truth be told feel.

Key Specs:

Platforms: Steam VR (PC) / Viveport (PC)

Charge: $1,399 / £1,299

Resolution: 2448×2448 per study

Self-discipline of behold: 120 levels

Refresh fee: 120Hz

Controllers: HTC Vive and Vive Professional Controllers (strengthen for Valve Knuckles, sold individually, also incorporated)

That extends to the headset’s self-discipline of behold – at 120-levels, it’s among the many widest of VR headsets out there and ought to quiet add extra immersion by filling your peripheral imaginative and prescient. These are excessive-quality panels, too – posthaste-swap LCDs are in play here, with RGB-sub pixels, in a dual-stacked layer abolish. This lets HTC cram in hundreds excessive-performance aspects in a smaller location and ought to quiet retain the headset’s expose from changing into overly hot – though we stumbled on that prolonged sessions quiet resulted within the entrance expose fragment of the headset warming sufficient to be noticeable, and causing some fogging at some level of more energetic play sessions.

The HTC Vive Professional 2 is a diminutive bit on the colossal facet, but HTC has made nice efforts to be obvious it’s satisfied to place on regardless. A dial-and-lock system on its strap makes it immediate to alter to your head dimension, and the facial interface interior is wide sufficient in tell no longer to be an location for glasses wearers. Additionally, it be fee praising the inclusion of a physical IPD slider – that’s interpupillary distance, measuring the situation between the pupils of your eyes. The more precisely you would spot this, the upper the constancy of the visuals. Many headsets, at the side of the Oculus Quest 2, purchase to both instruct utility programs to alter the image on this regard or ignore the need for ravishing-tuning totally. It’s nice that HTC has incorporated it. Entertaining about there are also over-ear headphones built into the system (which manufacture an improbable job of turning in cinematic audio, because of spatial tuning and option strengthen on your be pleased howdy-res headphones), the weight here is terribly effectively distributed, though you would if truth be told feel very worthy encased within the headset – you’re no longer going to be pulling it on and off in a bustle with ease.

Image shows a side view of the HTC Vive Pro 2 headset.

(Image credit: Future)

Where comfort and immersion are unavoidably misplaced is with the cabling system. They’ll earn tangled while taking half in, and tug your head in direction of their anchor level if at the excessive bounds our their dimension. It’s an unavoidable fragment of the excessive-kill VR skills at present – onboard mobile processors factual couldn’t take care of this more or less resolution – but it indubitably’s quiet a grief. HTC’s sold-individually wi-fi adapters will permit you to avoid being bodily tethered to a PC, but then you definately’ll lose entry to the most effective resolution and refresh charges the HTC Vive Professional 2 is ready to.

As with the wi-fi adapter, HTC’s other existing peripherals, from controllers to facial trackers and object monitoring devices, are all esteem minded with the HTC Vive Professional, as are Valve’s Index Knuckle controllers. That final one is mandatory – HTC hasn’t enormously modified its wand-esteem VR controller abolish for years now, and they’re initiating to if truth be told feel cumbersome when put next with what Oculus and Valve supply in their lightweight, finger-releasing designs. HTC’s controllers gain over time turn into the weakest hyperlink within the package deal.

As talked about, the Vive Professional 2 would require a separate, effectively-specced PC to dash it. Nonetheless HTC has done all it would to retain these requirements in study. It has designed the headset with assist from GPU makers Nvidia and AMD to enable the headset to function instruct of Show conceal Recede compression. That enables for excessive-resolution textures and sources to be compressed and recompiled at poke, making determined that DisplayPort 1.2 standards can take care of the colossal amounts of records touring from your PC to the headset.

Image shows an HTC Vive Pro 2 controller on wooden furniture.

(Image credit: Future)

HTC Vive Professional 2 review: Setup and Performance

  • Put collectively for various cables and plugs 
  • Play dimension requirements will exclude smaller spaces 
  • Unpleasant space monitoring  

As soon as you occur to deem you’re going to earn the HTC Vive Professional 2 home and jump straight into the VR action, ponder again – there’s a appreciable setup route of to manufacture before you would skills the virtual reality enjoyable it would carry. 

That’s for the explanation that HTC Vive Professional 2 makes instruct of a tethered PC play system, and external monitoring stations, in preference to the all-in-one processing and monitoring formula that a instrument esteem the Oculus Quest 2 employs. When effectively location up, this may maybe occasionally maybe well carry a more true monitoring system, holding tabs on the situation within the back of you as effectively as in entrance. Nonetheless it’s pretty an endeavor to location up.

So, to initiate with, it be main to search out a play location of at least 2m x 1.5m for oldsters that settle to pray to get with basically the most immersive “room-scale”, walkabout VR experiences. You may maybe maybe well maybe maybe earn away with out a longer as a lot as that for seated and standing play, but then you definately’re missing out on the freedom of movement that makes VR so special.

After that location has been cordoned off, you’ll have to gain two spots in both corner of your play location for 2 cube-esteem deplorable stations – ideally placed above head height and angled in direction of the guts of your play zone. Every of these requires a go socket.

Image shows the HTC Vive Pro 2 headset and controllers.

(Image credit: Future)

The headset itself then connects to your PC thru a breakaway ‘Vive Link’ field. This too requires a go socket, and itself plugs into your PC the instruct of a USB 3 port and DisplayPort. A 5m cable then runs from the headset to the breakaway field, representing the restrict of your VR exploration in physical location.

From here it’s over to the Steam VR utility, which is the deplorable from which the PC communicates with your headset. It’ll then stroll you thru whether or no longer your play location has been known, will join and pair the deplorable stations and Vive controllers, and usually ravishing-tune settings to function higher immersion – corresponding to setting your non-public loyal-world height. Getting issues factual factual, seriously in a room that isn’t dedicated purely to VR, can rob some trial and blunder.

In HTC’s protection, here’s a really the same setup route of to the Valve Index – step by step regarded as basically the most attention-grabbing VR headset within the marketplace. And in each situations, the payoff is useful, with the hardware here turning in a really immersive skills – monitoring is unswerving, visuals are impressive, and you’ve no battery concerns to peril about. Nonetheless this isn’t a system for beginners, neither is it the abolish of instrument you would pull out for a immediate session. 

Image shows a cable port for the HTC Vive Pro 2.

(Image credit: Future)

HTC Vive Professional 2 review: Device and Games

  • Sturdy catalog of games thru Steam VR 
  • Viveport Infinity subscription is esteem Netflix for VR
  • Games and experiences are extraordinary on the headset  

Image shows a man using the HTC Vive Pro 2 in an office.

(Image credit: HTC VIve)

As soon as you’ve effect the time in to earn the entire thing location up for the HTC Vive Professional 2, the cause you sold it within the first spot will turn into determined. It’s a horrid technique to skills one of the most well-known very finest VR experiences out there.

Integrating with the Steam VR ecosystem, you’ve entry to a gargantuan selection of virtual reality games for PC. Whether or no longer you’re cutting and dicing comely blocks to the pumping soundtrack of Beat Saber, exploring the moody and wondrous Metropolis 17 in Half of-Lifestyles: Alyx, or walking the snowy tundras of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s VR model, here’s factual about as factual as VR can for the time being peer. You’ve hundreds of games that can work with HTC Vive Professional 2, and dash factual nice. And though it’s no longer natively supported, you’ll gain a factual time taking half in with what wants to be Oculus-bizarre titles too – providing you’re though-provoking to location up the third-celebration compatibility app known as Revive.

Steam and Oculus aren’t your most productive choices in phrases of VR gaming with HTC Vive Professional 2 both. It’s fee pondering investing in a subscription to HTC’s Viveport Infinity service. For a month-to-month fee, you earn entry to higher than 600 VR apps, letting you dive in and out of as many titles as you esteem. We’d counsel at least giving the trial a race – varied gamers will gain varied VR game styles more or less satisfied, reckoning on your susceptibility to movement illness. Viveport Infinity will permit you to search out your VR feet, and settle the abolish of games you’ll gain most delightful.

HTC Vive Professional 2 review: Charge

The HTC Vive Professional 2 is out there in two programs – a headset-most productive supply and a stout-kit bundle that adds two Unpleasant Put 2.0 movement trackers and a pair of Vive Controllers. The traditional option costs  £659 / $749 / €739, while the stout kit costs £1299 / $1399 / €1399. Both choices are readily out there now.

Here’s a top fee VR option then, sitting within the the same rough stamp bracket because the excessive-kill Valve Index virtual reality kit. You’re also going to favor a extremely-specced computer to function basically the most of the HTC Vive Professional 2, as its excessive-resolution conceal calls for a tight processor and worthy graphics card to dash at its finest.

It factual about justifies its stamp, but the HTC Vive Professional 2’s controllers if truth be told feel earlier-fashioned for the fee when put next with, inform, the Valve Index Knuckles. Nonetheless for oldsters that’re upgrading from one other HTC Vive location-up (or every other virtual reality kit that has made instruct of the Unpleasant Put 2.0 trackers), the standalone headset option is welcome, saving you having to cough up cash for backward-esteem minded kit you’ve gotten already acquired. As soon as you occur to’re buying in for the first time though, and aren’t but determined about VR, rob expose of facet road-trying out a more moderately priced option esteem the Oculus Quest 2 first – you may maybe maybe well maybe maybe gain that the more moderately priced, more versatile wire-free standalone option from Facebook is sufficient on your wants, and may maybe well maybe step by step invest on this fanatic-level gear at a later date.

Need to quiet you purchase the HTC Vive Professional 2?

If visual constancy is a well-known fragment of the virtual reality skills for you, and you’ve got gotten a appreciable quantity of cash to invest on your VR setup, the HTC Vive Professional is surely fee your time. It has indubitably one of basically the most pixel-dense and visually-rich VR displays we’ve ever viewed and has immersive audio to match. It requires a lot of location to skills, and placement-up may maybe well maybe be a grief, but for oldsters that’ve entry to a excessive-kill desktop PC, the HTC Vive Professional 2 is laborious to beat.

Nonetheless HTC is falling within the back of the pack in some respects. Its Vive controller wands if truth be told feel very unintuitive by as of late’s standards and shortage the ergonomic aspects more contemporary VR input devices supply. It’s also a shame no longer to search out HTC experimenting with interior-out monitoring – reliant on onboard cameras in preference to external deplorable stations. Even though it would level to pretty less true, rivals gain confirmed that onboard digicam monitoring can match external monitoring programs when utilized intelligently, and gain the support of a miles less refined location-up route of.

The Vive Professional 2 then occupies pretty a spot location then, but one with a captive viewers. As soon as you occur to settle to gain the very finest (controllers notwithstanding) and may maybe well maybe gain sufficient money its stamp put, the Vive Professional 2 will have not any effort enthralling dismay.

Image shows the HTC Vive Pro 2 headset on a mannequin head.

(Image credit: HTC Vive)

If this product is now not any longer if truth be told for you

As soon as you occur to skills gaming on a PS4 or PS5, then you definately ought to quiet study out the PlayStation VR headset. A gaming-centered instrument, its specs aren’t wherever diagram as developed because the HTC Vive Professional 2, with a worthy less impressive conceal, and less-true monitoring. Alternatively, it’s a fraction of the fee for the time being, and doesn’t require a costly excessive-kill PC to dash. Its games are not likely, too.

As soon as you occur to settle to pray to rob your virtual reality sessions on the race, then our high make a selection for virtual reality total is the Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook. Fully standalone because of its built-in battery and wi-fi with out the need for a PC, it be satisfied to place on, impressive to instruct, and boasts an an increasing number of colossal library of improbable gaming and productivity apps. As soon as you occur to manufacture occur to gain a gaming PC at hand, you would even wire it up and join to the computer to function instruct of excessive-kill PC virtual reality apps too. At a worthy lower stamp than this HTC option, it comes extremely advisable, despite the indisputable truth that its conceal isn’t as impressive because the HTC various. Take into yarn that it’s tied to a Facebook social networking yarn though, and may maybe well maybe’t be feeble with out one.

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