In finding each and each single Olympic medal fabricate dating relief to the 2000 Games

The first neatly-liked Olympic medal used to be awarded in 1896, with designs varying from mundane to ostentatious. Since the initiating of the 2000s, we’ve viewed greater than an even portion of uncommon Olympic medal designs that blow their admire horns what the host country desires to portion with the field.

For the Tokyo Olympics, a opponents used to be held that attracted over 400 entries outdated to the final fabricate used to be chosen.

Here’s how the Olympics site breaks down the fabricate of the latest Olympic medal:

“The fabricate of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals displays the thought that that, to fabricate glory, athletes must strive for victory on a day after day basis. The medals resemble tough stones that were polished and now shine, with ‘mild’ and ‘brilliance’ their overall topics.

“The medals seize and replicate myriad patterns of mild, symbolizing the vitality of the athletes and folks that toughen them. Their fabricate is intended to indicate diversity and list a world the attach folks that compete in sports activities and work demanding are honored. The brilliance of the medals signifies the nice and comfortable glow of friendship symbolizing folks all over the field preserving palms.”

Here are the total Olympic medal designs for every and each the Summer and Winter Games dating relief to 2000.

2000 Sidney Olympics

© AFP/AFP by device of Getty Pictures

2002 Salt Lake City Olympics

© Matthew Stockman/Allsport

2004 Athens Olympics

© Milos Bicanski/Getty Pictures

2006 Turin Olympics

© Getty Pictures

2008 Beijing Olympics

© Tim De Waele/Getty Pictures

2010 Vancouver Olympics

© TIMM SCHAMBERGER/DDP/AFP by device of Getty Pictures

2012 London Olympics

© LOCOG by device of Getty Pictures

2014 Sochi Olympics

© Paul Gilham/Getty Pictures

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

© Patrick Smith/Getty Pictures

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

© JUNG YEON-JE/AFP by device of Getty Pictures

2020 Tokyo Olympics

© BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP by device of Getty Pictures

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