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Isolating the phases of germination

Rehydration triggers protein condensation within Arabidopsis seeds.


Many plant seeds exist in a desiccated convey looking ahead to water for germination. Dorone et al. acknowledged the intrinsically disordered protein FLOE1 in the Arabidopsis seed proteome. FLOE1 remains disbursed in a desiccated atmosphere however kinds condensates upon hydration in a reversible activity that’s sensitive to adjustments in water doable. Pure variation in the aspartate-serine–prosperous arena pleasing-tunes the response to hydration. In vivo, this portion separation of FLOE1 coincides with seed germination. Genetic and allelic diversity appears to set apart FLOE1 in wager hedging for an particular particular person plant, apart from to in adaptation across plant lineages to varied niches, all to optimize the timing of seed germination.

Cell 184, P4284 (2021).

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