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Gina Mastantuono, Chief Financial Officer, ServiceNow

Gina Mastantuono, Chief Monetary Officer, ServiceNow




Chief financial officers now play a key purpose in guiding organizations by digital transformation to allow them to live to say the tale the sizzling local weather and come in out stronger on the assorted side.

In 2020, for the first time in historical past, we observed digital transformation spending tempo up regardless of GDP declining globally. Digital transformation, cloud computing, and enterprise mannequin innovation grasp all intersected to region off a paradigm shift. Companies are altering the vogue they purpose.

Credit: Vittaya_25 via Adobe Stock

Credit: Vittaya_25 by Adobe Inventory

To assign sure success, a model is rising with CFOs becoming drivers of digital transformation. After all, the CFO’s foremost job is maintaining the organization to blame — and that accountability has by no technique been more considerable than it’s a ways appropriate now. By riding transformation initiatives in tandem with the CFO, chief files officers and various IT leaders can assign sure they’re deploying alternate choices that can spoil down departmental silos and resolve complications all the draw by the enterprise.

Listed right here are 3 systems the CFO can translate transformation into success interior organizations:

1. CFOs Must Know Tech

CFOs must not any longer bean counters with a fierce grip on the checkbook. Being a CFO this day is ready leadership — notion the boost levers that power the enterprise and the investments wished to web there. Apt now, that boost driver is digital transformation.

CFOs now will must grasp a solid notion of technology. CFOs are files-driven and are utilizing predictive analytics and machine discovering out to assign sure initiatives are riding valid affect. CFOs must composed request for files that indicates transformation efforts are maximizing ROI and riding tangible label all the draw by the enterprise. They’re having a peep to quantify the success of their digital transformation investments. 

Make not delegate down your total technology work. Consume some time discovering out it. Investing to your procure discovering out will grasp vast payoff.

2. CFO-CIO Collaboration Is Key

In many systems, COVID-19 has evolved the CFO-CIO relationship. CFOs broken-all of the vogue down to be seen as an adversary that guarded purse strings. CIOs were seen as advocates of implementing recent applied sciences without topic for cost or ROI. Nonetheless this is an out of date, ineffective mind-set.

Having CIO-CFO connective tissue helps organizations watch round the curve to foretell concerns. It drives label all the draw by silos and pushes teams in opposition to collaborative transformations, that will constantly lead to greater outcomes. I on the total partner with ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi on digital transformation projects. He and I are transparent in relation to cost, projected ROI, and challenges. Chris and I don’t constantly agree, but there are wholesome debates and transparency between our two teams.

Lift early. By aligning finance and IT in the starting up, organizations can maximize enterprise label, sharpen their aggressive edge, and title recent opportunities to remodel enterprise capabilities all the draw by the company.

3. Finance Permits Innovation

CFOs are central to strategic choices about transformation. They’re centered on helping their corporations not finest live to say the tale the sizzling local weather but additionally come out stronger on the assorted side.

Whereas it’s a ways going to just additionally be laborious for organizations to overhaul in the midst of uncertainty, or not it’s the CFO’s job to surely recommend for and make investments in projects that will push the enterprise forward. CFOs can assign sure investments affect every side of the enterprise and power more engagement and commitment from enterprise leaders, in the slay ensuring greater success.

Push your company to assume otherwise and be more innovative. Then enact all the pieces to your power to assign sure teams grasp the liberty (and financial protection) to be innovative and ingenious.

Essentially the most a hit corporations of tomorrow shall be these that prioritize digital transformation this day. How enact you significantly change your company to enhance worker engagement? How enact you power fierce buyer loyalty? How enact you scale greater and smarter? All these items require innovation. And these are the things that will lead to elevated profitability. This is mission-necessary stuff.

At ServiceNow, Gina Mastantuono is setting up and main world-class teams centered on riding buyer success. As chief financial officer, her world organization spans all aspects of Finance, along with Accounting, Chance & Compliance, Payroll, Tax, Investor Relatives & Treasury, Real Estate & Place of work Companies, and more. Gina is a member of ServiceNow’s govt leadership crew and is committed to helping ServiceNow proceed to lift wonderful label to customers, employees, and shareholders. 

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