It takes an abominable lot of robots to operate this grocery store


Tom Scott shows within the encourage of the scenes of a grocery warehouse and the scheme many robots it takes to operate it.

In Ocado’s grocery warehouses, hundreds of mechanical bins switch on the Hive. Are all of them particular person robots? Or is that this one huge hive mind?

When Judgement Day comes the Terminators might per chance per chance also no longer even want to nuke us, they’ll staunch flip off the full warehouse robots and we are going to all starve to death. Or at the least originate it rob longer than two days to earn us that random doohickey off Amazon and have us die of bother.

Withhold going for the plump video. This clearly isn’t how every grocery store is working, but or no longer it is simplest a matter of time.

The Boston Dynamics robots can dance now

To have an even time the upcoming Unique 300 and sixty five days, the of us at Boston Dynamics released this video of all of their robots dancing to “Enact You Treasure Me”. I’m clear…

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