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James Douma Interviewed About Tesla Bot and AI Day

James Douma became as soon as interviewed by Dave Lee about Tesla AI Day. James is an AI professional and notes how Tesla has carried out significant re-architecting and is charting unique paths to solve self-utilizing.

James became as soon as amazed that one amongst the Tesla AI modules is the usage of 18,000 amps.

James and Dave mediate that if Tesla is able to sign a product within the 2-3 years that it can want to be constrained domain dwelling. They are hyped by the ambition but mediate a undoubtedly overall robot will take time.

Nextbigfuture notes the industrial capabilities can toughen constrained domain application.

Dave notes that Elon will be centered on productive, truly handy and sensible. Boston Dynamics doesn’t comprise that ambition.

Achieving a $25000 or $10000 humanoid robot might well well well be extra annoying than attending to a undoubtedly truly handy and prolonged range $25,000 electric automobile. This can take mass manufacturing.

Tesla FSD and Vision navigation gives Tesla an even head birth to the Tesla bots.

Right here is a multi-decade venture that can deflect the course of civilization.

Tesla has transportation, vitality and SpaceX Starlink has all communication and now Tesla goes for all human labor plus Mars and Neuralink working on expanding human intelligence.

SOURCES- Dave Lee Investing, Tesla

Written by Brian Wang, (brian owns shares of Tesla)

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