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JBL PartyBox 110 review: Make (and steal) a splash

With the whole at-home “partying” over the final year-and-a-half, loudspeaker producer JBL also can fair contain had a onerous time preserving up with the question for its new line of Bluetooth “birthday celebration speakers,” which supply top rate selections in a sea of choices that barely lunge the request take a look at, no longer to relate the ear take a look at. But, as an different of ethical putting manufacturing on repeat, the firm properly added to its line with the JBL PartyBox 110, a generous replace to the fashioned, mid-sized PartyBox 100. With a putting contemporary light demonstrate, enormous battery vitality, cell app regulate, a splash-proof physique, and wireless stereo pairing with a 2nd speaker, the PartyBox 110’s functions accept a compelling argument that it deserves a pickle on the more great quit of the completely transportable Bluetooth speakers. And it sounds at the very least as fair correct as it appears to be like. To accept the birthday celebration started, ethical add beats and bodies. Let’s behold at how the PartyBox 110 can fulfill a crowd or an intimate target market seeking to sweat worries away.

Colossal Sound, Transportable Physique

The JBL PartyBox 110 transports easily to switch a crowd. Markkus Rovito

Take a look at Mark

JBL PartyBox 110 blueprint

Whereas the flagship JBL PartyBox 1000 is a majestic slab of sound for severe blockrocking (and severe coin at over a enormous), its mini-me the PartyBox 110 is a much more approachable equipment. Weighing in at 23 pounds and measuring 22.4-inches nice by 15.3-inches large by 15.6-inches deep, the 160W loudspeaker is quite gargantuan and robust, nonetheless quiet transportable ample for many folks to handily transport it to the backyard, beach, barbecue, or what contain you ever. Two constructed-in handles, one at each and every quit of the speaker, accept it easier to lug the sturdy enclosure, which functions two 5.25-creep woofers (rear-ported) and two 2.25-creep tweeters to lift a frequency response of 45 Hz – 20 kHz (which adds some highs to the PartyBox 100’s 18 kHz rating).

The PartyBox 110 functions a rotund-spectrum light demonstrate on the face of the speaker in the motivate of its keeping grated steel enclosure—a hallmark of your complete JBL PartyBox speaker line. Whereas it’s no longer the rotund-confronted light demonstrate of the PartyBox 1000, the PartyBox 110 does step up the visible game from the assorted smaller JBL devices. As a change of two circular lights around the woofers, the PartyBox 110 now has a fuller, figure-8 lighted pickle around the woofers, as successfully as two extra cramped lighted circles around the tweeters in the guts of the speaker and two flashing strobe lights at either quit. The RGB lights are beat-synced to incoming tune and likewise you would also select from 5 light-circulation patterns or turn off the lights from either the controls on prime of the speaker or the JBL PartyBox app (a free gain for iOS and Android). 

Because celebrations shall know no bounds, the JBL PartyBox 110 is officially IPX4, making it pool-birthday celebration acceptable. IPX4 methodology it’s safe from splashes of water coming from any course, as successfully as spraying water and vertically falling water drops. Nonetheless, for the sake of what isn’t an insubstantial investment, don’t mistake that for being entirely waterproof. The IEC’s ingress safety (IP) rankings lunge the whole methodology up to IPX9 and, in step with those rankings, the PartyBox 110 is now not any longer safe in opposition to water projected in jets or any quantity of immersion in water. Use it to the pool, no longer with you into the pool. 

As for the build around the pool, patio, etc., you would also build it, the answer is quite grand any place. The JBL PartyBox 110 has four rubber pads on its bottom side for standing it up vertically. It’s also designed to be placed horizontally; both of its facets contain sets of stiff orange rubber feet for setting it on either side without scraping the plastic enclosure. You might perchance well also additionally mount the speaker to plain PA speaker stands. A removable plastic cap on the underside of the unit conceals the PA stand-mounting holes. 

JBL PartyBox 110 bottom panel
JBL’s birthday celebration speaker is designed to be venerable vertically, horizontally, or pole-mounted. Markkus Rovito

Getting started with the JBL PartyBox 110

In step with its splash-proof pickle, the JBL PartyBox 110’s motivate-side audio inputs and controls, as successfully as its vitality-cable port, are safe with a sealable rubber covering that you just pull motivate to entry. The speaker involves a 36Wh Li-ion rechargeable battery and a “figure-8” AC vitality cord. Charging takes about 3.5 hours for an advertised 12 hours of playback time (that’s practically twice as instant because the PartyBox 100). An LED strip on the head panel shows the battery label stage. In my exams, I purchased more than 10 hours of battery playback with a rotund label sooner than a low-vitality alert sound performed and the vitality bar flashed crimson—and that became whereas playing over Bluetooth at varied volume ranges with the light demonstrate on your complete time. 

Whenever you vitality up the speaker from the head-panel button, the JBL PartyBox 110 goes straight into wireless pairing mode, and I easily connected to “JBL PartyBox 110” over the Bluetooth 5.1 connection on a Mac computer, iPad, and Android phone. You might perchance well also additionally play audio by the stereo 3.5mm (minijack) aux input or from a USB stick loaded with MP3, WMA, and/or WAV recordsdata. It might perchance possibly well play audio from completely surely one of these sources at a time. If connecting a USB stick, it automatically begins playback in alphabetical notify of the successfully matched audio file names. 

Key functions of the JBL PartyBox 110

The extra lighting fixtures parts that the PartyBox 110 boasts over the assorted JBLs indulge in the PartyBox 100 or PartyBox 310 accept accept it more visually compelling and add an additional flair to the beat-synced patterns. 5 such patterns supply varied diversifications of spinning, flashing, flowing, and color morphing.

Whereas the PartyBox 110 is an audiovisual ride, the most life like doubtless lights in the galaxy would no longer put a celebration from crappy sound. Fortunately, you won’t should always sweat that with the PartyBox 110, due to it’s loaded with JBL Usual Professional Sound—grand of the the same audio technology that JBL packs into its skilled PA loudspeakers. 

There’s no approach to EQ, nonetheless the JBL PartyBox 110 does contain two ranges of Bass Increase, which you’d also cycle by (off/low/high) with the head-panel button. The more than a few audio regulate involves a volume dial and a play/quit button for controlling the playback from a USB stick or the Bluetooth design. Pressing it twice snappily skips to the subsequent note. On the motivate panel, two 1/4-creep audio inputs with volume knobs enable you to breeze in a microphone and/or a guitar for folks to either mutter and play in conjunction with tune or ethical for solo performances. The Mic input involves some “echo” on it by default, which sounds more indulge in a reverb quit to me. The Guitar input would now not add any quit on its sound nonetheless it also worked magnificent for a microphone when you happen to hope to should always mutter duets from two mics.  

The JBL PartyBox 110’s wattage is 160W RMS (root imply sq.), that methodology that it’s some distance going to reliably defend 160W of continuing vitality nonetheless reach prime ranges even elevated than that. So whereas it’s going to’t contain a candle to the PartyBox 1000’s 1100W (which might perchance well blow out that candle with its bass), the PartyBox 110 is quiet a quite boomin’ shrimp design. Nonetheless, if that’s quiet no longer ample for you, or when you happen to moral should always hear to a factual stereo design, you would also wirelessly pair two PartyBox 110 speakers with each and every assorted. 

JBL partybox speaker rear panel
Whether you’re playing dubstep or singing a duet, this speaker provides alternate choices to swimsuit. Markkus Rovito

It takes two to accept a thing lunge factual

I did, in point of fact, take a look at two JBL PartyBox 110 speakers in conjunction with gargantuan results. All it be vital to accept is vitality up both speakers and then press the TWS (Factual Wireless Stereo) button from the motivate panel of every and every speaker one after the assorted. An indicator sound enables you to already know that the TWS pairing is underway. (Other alert sounds demonstrate when the speaker powers up, powers down, or is pairing over Bluetooth.) The 2 speakers desires to be situated inner standard Bluetooth fluctuate of every and every assorted: a maximum distance of around 33 feet.

Whenever you wirelessly connect both speakers, they play motivate ethical indulge in any assorted pair of stereo speakers. Their light shows also quit perfectly in sync with each and every assorted. And the controls on each and every speaker will operate both devices, so adjusting the volume, the light demonstrate setting, or the Bass Increase setting on either speaker impacts both devices. Easiest the vitality button stays just, so you would also turn off one paired speaker without shutting off the assorted. 

As the TWS name suggests, syncing two PartyBox speakers from the hardware button hyperlinks them together as a stereo pair, so as that one speaker performs the left channel of the audio source and the assorted performs the factual channel. Nonetheless, the utilization of the app unlocks so much of functions of the PartyBox 110 no longer accessible from the hardware controls, much like switching the TWS mode so as that both speakers play both the left and factual channels of the tune.

Event rockin’: There’s an app for that

To manipulate the speaker with the JBL PartyBox app, it be vital to first pair the cell design to the speaker over Bluetooth. As mentioned, the app’s TWS display masks masks can space both speakers to play both the left and factual channels of the tune, which would be preferable to the stereo mode if as an different of putting the speakers side-by-side, you build them in reverse corners of a room or a yard so as that they quilt more territory. When they’re in TWS stereo mode, the app can switch the L/R pickle of the two speakers. 

Thru the app you would also decide the light demonstrate patterns, nonetheless you also accept higher regulate over the lights. As an illustration, you would also turn off or on the three parts of the light demonstrate: the principle figure-8 lights, the cramped circular lights around the tweeters, and the two strobe lights. It’s nice to contain the likelihood to showcase the strobes, due to even for folks who accept no longer contain physiological reactions to them, they’ll change into annoying after prolonged classes of time. The app also enables you to alternate the light demonstrate color from the default setting that morphs between the colours of the rainbow to any static color, including white. And buttons for nine “Free style” lighting fixtures effects steal over the speakers’ lights with progressively instant patterns for thus lengthy as you press them. 

A DJ Develop display masks masks provides one more nine buttons that play sound effects from the JBL PartyBox, including vinyl scratching sounds, applause, boos, and the iconic, never-no longer-awesome airhorn. The Karaoke display masks masks completely applies when you happen to’re the utilization of the speaker’s Mic input and it adjusts the bass and treble settings on your disclose, as successfully as attenuates or turns off the Echo setting. 

Lastly, the app shows the battery label stage as a share rather than the less explicit vitality bar on the hardware. And the app has the the same playback controls (play/quit and skip note forward) as on the hardware. That appears to be like indulge in an different for the app to contain deeper playback controls, much like skip note backward, instant forward, and rewind, nonetheless perchance JBL will add those in an replace. The app also handles firmware updates to the PartyBox 110 so, all urged, it’s a a should always contain accomplice to the speaker rather than ethical an optional accent.

JBL PartyBox 110 on a rooftop
Syncing up two JBL PartyBox 110 speakers is a gargantuan different when you happen to hope to contain your birthday celebration to be, successfully, lit. Markkus Rovito

The enhance to your bash

Whereas no longer as thunderously loud because the JBL PartyBox 1000, surely one of the completely-sounding Bluetooth speakers I’ve heard, the PartyBox 110 quiet retains the comely sound quality of its elevated sibling, which you’d also fair no longer put a question to from a celebration speaker when you happen to presume such things to be shrimp more than gimmicks for karaoke classes. Reasonably, factual to JBL’s promise of skilled sound, the PartyBox 110 shows balanced and straightforward bass, sure mid-fluctuate frequencies, and crisp nonetheless no longer harsh high frequencies. 

I gave over my tune-addicted lifestyle to the two speakers in stereo mode, throwing at them hefty portions of ’80s contemporary wave, ’90s different, and recently released indie pop, hip-hop, entice, and electronic tune mainly of the condominium, nu-disco, and dubstep kinds. The speakers dealt with every style evenly, revealing vital parts precisely across the frequency fluctuate. As an illustration, when cranking the Bass Increase up to high on my current Psymbionic glitch-step tracks, the kick drums boomed and swelled nonetheless did now not drown out or overshadow the pulsating and gyrating synth basslines. And on reach-polar reverse topic cloth—the early Brit-rock of The Smiths, as an illustration, which is more mid-fluctuate heavy—the low setting of Bass Increase became more acceptable and the simultaneous tones of the jangling guitars, crashing cymbals, organ, and vocals all occupied their have easily heard condominium. 

As when put next with the PartyBox 1000, which has a 12-creep subwoofer and frequency fluctuate extending to 30Hz, the JBL PartyBox 110 has smaller woofers and bottoms out at 45Hz, an audible disagreement. So it doesn’t contain the the same shelf-rattling low-quit vibes that can send precariously placed wine glasses tumbling to the ground. But bassheads can quiet gain pride in the Bass Increase purpose. Its lower stage of bass enhancement worked successfully affirming comparatively neutral dynamics on any kind of tune, whereas the elevated stage every every now and then sounded somewhat man made on genres no longer particularly mixed for it, indulge in varied flavors of rock tune. Nonetheless, on tune made for the bass to be felt as successfully as heard, the high Bass Increase can in point of fact reduction lay that extra thump on your chest. 

Whereas testing tracks, I when compared some 24-bit/44.1 kHz WAV recordsdata performed by the JBL PartyBox 110 over both Bluetooth and the Aux In cable, nonetheless I didn’t detect any disagreement in sound quality between the two. The relative volume stage became a shrimp lower on the Aux In, nonetheless the whole audio vital parts and the definition of sounds across the low, mid, and high frequencies remained the the same. I did default to the utilization of the Aux In when monitoring DJ sets from my PartyBox 110 pair, then all over again, in notify to e-book sure of the audio latency from the Bluetooth connection. And, in doing so, I finished up preferring the JBL birthday celebration speakers over my fashioned DJ speakers, the KRK Rokit 6 G2 studio monitors. The PartyBox 110 speakers had a more great output and a more clearly outlined and separated low-quit than the Rokit 6, which every every now and then muddies up the bass somewhat bit. 

So, who ought to remove the JBL PartyBox 110?

For those searching for the completely transportable Bluetooth speaker for indoor/originate air occasions or cramped-sized DJ gigs, karaoke gatherings, or musical performances, the PartyBox 110 has the lit-up appears to be like, stable sound, and intensive battery lifestyles to lift the tunes pumping fashioned. Its splash-proof blueprint, some distance away app regulate, and PA speaker stand compatibility add to the charm. Its elevated singling, the JBL PartyBox 1000 delivers a actually huge sound with an very fair correct searching rotund-ground light demonstrate, nonetheless its label and presence are overkill for many purposes. Individually, I’d rather contain two PartyBox 110s working in stereo for less cash than a single PartyBox 1000. Assembly them somewhere in the guts is the JBL PartyBox 310, which has the splash-proof blueprint, app regulate, rechargeable battery, and a more great 240W, nonetheless the PartyBox 110 costs a invoice less and has the updated, more spectacular light demonstrate. The JBL PartyBox 110 wraps all of the firm’s technological delights—including skilled-stage loudspeaker sound—into one mid-sized equipment, making it the transportable speaker completely suited to most merriment wants, whether or no longer it’s a rotund-on fiesta or a celebration of one.

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