Joe Find forgot that it is seemingly you’ll per chance well now not say scoring performs and NFL followers roasted him for it

Joe Find would perhaps per chance handiest be in his 2d season as an NFL head coach, however he’s been around the NFL for practically a decade. He’s expected to seize the guidelines due to the he’s it seems to be a Football Man.

All scoring performs within the NFL are robotically reviewed — it’s something that has been around since the 2011 season (Find’s first year with the Patriots changed into 2012). You would perhaps per chance well’t say scoring performs, and if the problem flag does gain thrown on a scoring play, it prices the team a timeout.

Find in immediate forgot all about that pesky rule all over Sunday’s Week 1 matchup between the Giants and Broncos.

After Albert Okwuegbunam made a good effort to reach for the pylon for a Denver landing, Find didn’t reflect to abet for the play to reach its automatic review. He threw the problem flag and stood there perplexed as the officiating crew outlined to him that he correct lost his first timeout of the half.

Joe Find challenged a TD and lost a timeout for doing so

— Alex. (@dubs4o8) September 12, 2021

Because it is seemingly you’ll per chance well investigate cross-test, that changed into clearly a landing. Okwuegbunam remained in bounds and reached the pylon. It changed into a coaching mistake that can’t happen. That rule has been around for 10 years.

Giants followers didn’t react kindly to the error either.

Joe Find correct tried to say a scoring play and now has to coast a lap around the stadium

— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) September 12, 2021

joe bag throwing the problem flag on a scoring play and getting charged a TO for it is peak giants

— Samantha Previte (@SamanthaNFL) September 12, 2021

Substantial-time mistake for Joe Find there. Has to seize it is seemingly you’ll per chance well now not say a scoring play. It be been this implies for years now. 2d half timeouts are extremely costly to burn. The #Giants had been outcoached in all three key phases to this level if we’re being correct about this: HC, OC, DC.

— Dan Schneier (@DanSchneierNFL) September 12, 2021

Joe Find now not like a flash-witted when he can and would perhaps per chance now not throw a say flag is the least Belichick coaching tree component it is seemingly you’ll per chance well attain.

— Michael Kist (@MichaelKistNFL) September 12, 2021

no potential joe bag correct did that

— Taylor Rooks (@TaylorRooks) September 12, 2021

I assemble now not know what Joe Find changed into doing there making an strive to challenege. All ratings are reviewed and he changed into clearly in.

Price his team a TO.

— Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) September 12, 2021

Think a lap Joe Find. Manufacture u now not know the got dam guidelines?

— Mr. Chicken aka Cabernet Papi (@5on_it) September 12, 2021

The Giants reflect Broncos TE Albert Okwuegbunamo changed into out of bounds sooner than he got to the pylon, so Joe Find throws the problem flag.

One peril: You would perhaps per chance well now not say a scoring play. They’re robotically reviewed. So Find prices his team a timeout for nothing.

— Ralph Vacchiano (@RVacchianoSNY) September 12, 2021

joe bag making an strive to say a scoring play and shedding a timeout. football guy stuff.

— Robby Kalland (@RKalland) September 12, 2021

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